Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We Did It!

Tonight is one of those nights that I would have called Adam at work and asked him to bring dinner home. I have been throwing up and feel just awful emotionally and physically. I'm ready to throw in the towel for the day, crawl into my bed and forget dinner all together....but I won't. It's days like this when I realize how spoiled I am. I don't have to walk miles just to get water for my family. I'm not wondering if they are going to eat tonight. I'm not worried that my lack of energy and vomiting is due to some potentially lethal sickness. My dinner has been cooking all day on the crock-pot (my biggest challenge is trying to finish it w/o puking). I have Amish friendship bread that needs baking and I made a commitment to live within my $50 a week budget. This is our last meal for the week and we did it! I am happy to say I went over by $3.30.

7 days. 8-9 people. $53.30 in food!

(This is what I had control over..this does not include if or what Adam purchased when he was away from the house or Miss Kelly's decision to treat my kiddos to burger king one lunch:)

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Paula said...

Good job! Hope you feel better.