Saturday, August 18, 2012

 I wrote this a few months back and never published it....

"Now I understand why dishonesty and lying is pandemic and whoever said that truth will set you free forgot to mention that it also provides a breeding ground for judgement from the pious who hide behind false perfection...I am loved as long as I show what you want to see. God forbid my heart becomes a mirror for your own hidden struggles. For every stone that is picked up and thrown in my direction.....remember, you are only picking up that stone because of your own guilt and fear of being exposed for your own sin that lives inside of you. In truth I stand. Hated. Beautifully marred. Overwhelmed by grace."

It hurts to read the above words...unfortunately not much has changed. My heart is beyond broken. It breaks for my children, family, friends and well, society. My husband of 17 years filed for divorce this week.

 I have lived and will continue to live my life transparently... please message me for any reason....

Until then....As I work my way back into blogging I leave you with this

A few months ago we sat down with 80 women....representing 400 children....In life you will have critics...people who question you....There IS a season for everything. Do NOT ever compromise what is in your heart.