Saturday, June 21, 2008


About a month ago I had a dream. It was one of those amazingly clear dreams. It had purpose and direction. I heard a voice. When I first knew I was going to change the twins names, God gave us Diezel. There was no question. no matter the negative stuff we got we knew he was a Diezel. It was kaku's name that I struggled with. I finally settled on Daizey. It sounded cute, but I never felt that feeling. You know the one that say's this is it. Then I had THE DREAM. I heard a voice and it said" She shall be called Ziah. I asked the voice," Ziah as in I can spell it Zya". The voice said, "No. It is to be spelled X-I-A". I told Adam about the dream. He of course made fun of it. Saying "okay we'll call Diezel,Xylophone." Ha-ha. So I dismissed the dream, but it followed me everyday. "Her name is to be Xia". I finally couldn't deny it anymore. Daizey is a Xia. It means the glow of the morning sun. And that is her. My Xia.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Technology Woes

My laptop broke just when I was starting to blog again:(
I only have use of my hubby's when he is home from 3:00am-7:30am. Needless to say I won't be using it much.

I also am a little isolated here. It's rare to find a bar of signal on my phone. I spend much of my time searching going from one room to the next saying, "Are you there? Can you hear me? and man I can't stand Sprint." I have a great signal away from the house, but with 6 kids (3 toddlers) when I am away from the house all my attention is always on head counting and chaos management. So on those rare moments that I am alone and away from my house I am dialing.

I'm also reminded why we don't have television. I have been really tempted lately to give into the pleas of my oldest son who wants cable. The house we are staying at has it. And man it's really lame. For the first week we had it on a lot. I noticed so much more fighting between the 3 oldest. Then last week Aunt Leah sent megablocks to the twins for their birthday. Which was awesome we are really low on toys here. Those of you who know me know I pride myself on the ability to pack light. Sometimes too light. Toys were left out. Hey we are at the beach. Who needs toys, right? Anyway,this week the tv has been off the majority of the time and they have set up store, a game they created using the blocks. They create robots and animals then sell them to eachother for the green blocks. They have banking and give donations to eachother when in need. It is really fun to watch especially when Gadese starts playing. The fighting is much better. I know tv works in some houses just not ours. So Aunt Leah and Uncle Lex thanks again for the wonderful gift.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Diezel and His Tongue

My boy and his tongue are best buddies. His tongue is never in his mouth for long.

Results are in...

Doctor here in Los Angeles just called. For two months I fought Typhoid Fever, Reiter's syndrome, Giardia, Bronchitis and the new find of Hep A. My doctor in Missouri didn't think I could have Hep A, so he never ran a test for that. Okay now having just one of those is bad enough but ALL of them. WHEW!!!! BUT........

I'm finally feeling much better. I feel a dance coming on:)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Trip to the Beach

Diezel was not to fond of his first beach experience. Might have been that it was freezing or the enormous amount of sand that was dumped on his head.

Daizey had fun dumping the sand on Diezel's head.

NuNu and his cape.

Yes, they did eventually brave the elements and hop in.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Last Complaint for the Year.

So, I' m still sick. I know this topic is getting old. I had another trip to urgent care here on my vacation in sunny California. This time I walked out after more blood work, chest xray, urine sample and 4 prescriptions. I don't know whether to be irritated with my current situation or worried. It has now been two months of doctors and meds. I sure hope my body conquers this stuff fast. I know my physical state is adding to the feeling of being in a hole. And get this I'm not allowed in the sun for two weeks. I'm in California at the beach with my kiddos. MAN! And since this is my last complaint for the year may I add This really bites!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm done.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Are You There?

So what happened to the 'ol blog? Well, you do remember that I am and will always be a self proclaimed dork, right? Let's just say, I've had a funky week. Okay honestly I've had a funky two months. So funky that I've been completely not myself. It's like I'm shoved in a deep hole and in this deep hole I'm confused and gasping. I want out of the hole and I know if I just stop looking at the hole I'll notice God is extending a hand down to me. No better yet, He is in the hole with me and telling me exactly what I need to do to get out, but it's so dark and so loud. I sense Him, I know He's there, but There I am. Struggling, fighting, crying. It's so lonely in the hole. I want to tell someone, but no. I just wallow in it. After all this is my hole. In my hole I want to bury anything and everything. I dug a spot for my family. Next to my family I buried my relationships. Since I was burying my relationships , I might as well throw my spiritual growth in there, heck why not toss in my health, well being and while I'm at it, my blog as well. The more I dug, the wider the hole got, the wider the hole got, the more exhausted I became. The more exhausted I became, the more apparent it was that I was not alone. The Hand, the voice, my family, my relationships, my blog, everyone was in the hole with me. In the dark and confusion of the hole I failed to recognize that when I am weak He is strong and greater is He who is IN ME, than he who is in the world. So now I'm working hard on digging everything up again and restoring it. Unfortunately my blog address no longer exits. So, I have no idea who will even be reading this. But here I am. Transparent.