Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Post That Can't Be Titled or the Blog formerly known "As They Lived Happily Ever After"

I miss this... I miss you... I miss writing...sharing...I haven't been on here for awhile... In all honesty, if you have read this blog or still do....then, please can I just scream in front of you, can I get ugly...raw...You know me, I do not hold back. Tonight I tried to decide if I should create a new blog for a new life...I started to read this one from the beginning in '07...So many tears.

Decided...this is my story. Why would I dismiss any of it? There are gaps...pain...but, I write because...writing brings you into my life and I need you ...

This week my mommy died. This week I was in the hospital (again). This week I found out I move after 9 years. This week I ran out of borrowed money for my attorney and will face the judge with my head held up high, but cry inside for what can never be.

Freedom is a word and notion we all know, but very few know they need it and are willing to sacrifice everything to achieve it.... unfortunately, we allow our own freedom to be defined by others