Thursday, December 31, 2009

To All of You

I'm thinking I need to get one more blog in before the new year begins. It has been awhile since my last confession...sorry bad joke or possibly a good one if you're as dorky as me.
I really do miss blogging/facebooking. I miss "talking" to all my bloggity/facebook friends out there. I miss knowing that somehow I am creating a sort of online scrapbook for my family. A journal of my thoughts, which seem to be more like ramblings, complete with pictures and most of all encouraging input from all of you. I miss reading your blogs. It was a part of my day that I cherished. A time where I wasn't thinking about my world and my family, but felt like I was a part of yours. Your stories, your everyday life that you have shared through this crazy thing called blogging/facebooking made a difference in mine. I miss getting on my knees and praying for your adoptions, your family, your everyday battles, your charities, your deepest heartache and celebrating your accomplishments, rejoicing with you when prayers are answered and learning from your experiences regardless of age, marital status, religion, having multiple children or none. Each of you has touched me, my heart and my spirit. I would love more than anything to personally acknowledge who I am talking about, but given my light hair pigmentation...yes..I am blonde and the fear I would inadvertently leave somebody out due to the fact I may have only visited your blog once or am not a facebook regular and maybe can't even remember your name....Just know YOU, ALL OF YOU have impacted me in some way. Keep writing. Keep blogging. Keep sharing from your heart. Be honest. Be real. Be genuine. You never know who will be reading...kind of scary and creepy in a cool way..huh ?
Your thoughts will make a difference. Your story matters. Your struggles are not in vain. Your everyday victories bring hope. Because you have a made a difference in my life and your story matters to me. I have learned from your struggles and your sweet spirit has brought me hope.
We are getting ready to not only start a new year but end a decade this next year. If this year has taught me goal is to not only strive to live simply, but to simply live.
May you know...really know and believe in the depths of your soul that you are loved and desired. I love you all. Happy New Year!!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Man With the Plan.

I had my lung function test today. I don't know a lot other than my results are abnormal. I'm still planning on leaving in a few hours to fly to Vegas. I actually have been feeling pretty good this past week. Which makes me wonder why my numbers are so low....I have complete faith and peace knowing my God has a plan. He's the Man with the plan....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Flying High

In a few short hours a part of the Las Vegas Strip will be shut down and my husband will be flying high in a helicopter filming a scene for our movie....How cool is that? I am so proud of him. I wish I were there watching him in action .
Pending my lung test this week I will be flying out with 4 of the kids Fri. morning. As soon as we land we'll go to Death Valley to watch them film a scene. Then we will fly back to Missouri on Dec 24th.
I love being married to a dreamer....He is always showing me anything is possible with a vision and Christ at your side!

Friday, December 11, 2009


I am seeking a stunt double....someone who resembles me in looks that can participate in medical tests for me....You only need to have a colonoscopy, lung function tests and more blood work.
Helping a worn out mother of 6-priceless

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beautiful Stranger

Do you ever wonder why certain people are in your life?
I pass hundreds of people a day during my normal life of driving, shopping, schooling, work.
I look in cars as I drive by...wondering what are they thinking? How was their morning? Do they know they are loved? Do they know...really know that they are special? Has anyone told them, showed them that they are worthy.
That they are enough...
just as they are.
I meet people everyday.
I just know..
I just feel..
are suppose to be a part of my life.
I can't help but to stop my life.
Look at them.
and love.
I met someone by chance almost two years ago...
Normally she would just be a face...
another person that i pass by..
But not this time.
She was my waitress when I went to Phoenix to meet some blog friends.
Tattooed, outspoken, and intense.
I loved her immediately.
I have kept in touch through Facebook and visited her a few months ago.
When I was laying in my hospital bed last week...
so was she.
I had my husband and my church family around me...
she didn't.
She is 26 years old.
She had a 2 inch mass removed from her ovary,
an ovary removed
then the other one untwisted.
She needs probably a hysterectomy.
She is a student
and has no income.
She is waiting to see if she has cancer...
she was just a face...
of a hundred
that I pass by each day.
she has a name.
she has a cause.
Her name is Crystal.
She is worthy.
She is loved.
She is enough.
Please Donate.
Please let her know....
You noticed
beautiful stranger
Crystal (link to her site to donate to her fund)

A Lot

So much in my mind and heart....