Monday, December 14, 2009

Flying High

In a few short hours a part of the Las Vegas Strip will be shut down and my husband will be flying high in a helicopter filming a scene for our movie....How cool is that? I am so proud of him. I wish I were there watching him in action .
Pending my lung test this week I will be flying out with 4 of the kids Fri. morning. As soon as we land we'll go to Death Valley to watch them film a scene. Then we will fly back to Missouri on Dec 24th.
I love being married to a dreamer....He is always showing me anything is possible with a vision and Christ at your side!


Janet (Latte Lady) said...

Ok, I must have missed it. What movie? Please, tell me more!

I just read your post to my son who is 13 and would like to film movies and such.


Beautiful Mess said...

So cool! I too missed it :) but I am fairly new...


Svetlana said...

WOW, that is awesome!!! Anna want's to be in the movie some day ;-)
What movie?
Have safe trip ;-)

Sean and Lisa said...

You're talking about The Red Canvas, right? We are stoked here for when it comes to theaters or DVD.
Hope you have a wonderful, safe time.
Are you feeling a bit better?
Much love!

Paula said...

That is cool! :)

Life in Fitzville said...

Prayers for a good lung test... sounds like it will be an awesome trip!

Adam said...

I am so blessed to have such an amazing bride! Thank you Lord!