Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not Only...

Not only did Faith break her wrist at Gymnastics, but apparently she has lice now as well. AARGH! Not again.
If you're unfamiliar with my lice adventures you can read about them here
and here.
So today I get to wash, wash, wash, and comb, comb, comb.

Did I mention I'm leaving late tonight to fly back to California for two days.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Guess Who Got a Camera:)

I bought the camera at Target. It was the display model. So, I got it for really cheap. I was so excited until I brought it home and started taking pictures with it. I definitely got what I paid for. A cheap camera, at a cheap price. Oh well.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I Thank You.

Tonight I had one of those conversations that leave you feeling so helpless. It has been wonderful, sad, eye-opening, and humbling to learn more about Gadese everyday. When we first got back from Africa, she was a stranger more or less living in my house. A stranger that I didn't understand and that didn't understand me. We communicated more through charades and facial expressions than through words. Even without language in common, I knew she was honest, sweet and strong. What I didn't know was how beautifully tragic her life really was.
We were talking tonight about Ethiopia, her relationship with her husband and her Olympic career. She started running when she was 13. I looked at Jace and thought how small and young that really is. She was, "bought" to run. They paid her family and off she went to live in the city. She was 13. She didn't see her family for 2 years. As she told this story, I couldn't help but to again think of Jace. I told her (almost out of judgment of her family)"If someone came knocking on my door to, "buy" Jace, I would show them the exit." She looked at me astonished. She said, "I was 13, my parents were going to marry me off, I was fortunate to leave. Look at Faith(7), she would most likely already have been married off. And McKayley(9) definitely." I sat there my heart was pierced. I knew child brides are a reality. You hear of it in a lot of countries. I guess I am completely unaware of how rampant child marriage(rape)really is. Then it occurred to me, I was judging her parents for selling her to run when in fact it saved her from something much worse. Again, I'm left thinking,"What can be done?"

Philippians 4:6-7
6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Lord, I thank you for opening my eyes. I thank you for Gadese. I thank you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And the Waiting is Over

Faith looks adorable in her hot pink cast that she'll be wearing for 4 weeks. She continues to amaze me with her strength and attitude. I could learn a lot from her:)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm waiting to hear from Adam. He took Faith to the ER. She hurt her wrist at gymnastics. It might be broken. Waiting.....
On an extremely cool positive note; How awesome is it that daddy was home to take her.

Baby News

I sold my van today. I listed it on Sunday. Two days to sell. Wahoooo. Now I have 4k towards Gadese's medical fund. It feels really good to have that accomplished. We also went to Gadese's doctor today. Still have no idea if she's having a boy or girl. We were hoping to find out so we could share the news with Alex. I think it would help her family in Ethiopia to know the sex and to feel more apart of what's going on. The doctor said the baby was breach. We still have time for the baby to shift, but the news brought tears to Gadese's eyes. She is still so sad from the loss of their baby last year. Tomorrow is the day. I'm going to talk to the three hospitals and the birthing center about helping Gadese. If you think about it, please send prayers our way.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Yes, I Admit it

I am a tree hugging, granola eating, earth loving girl. I have been and always will be. I have always believed we are all connected to each other and to this amazing place God created called Earth. We are all His creation made for Him and by Him. Five days to create such amazing beauty. Each day had it's purpose. Each day completed the previous. Earth! Beautiful! Perfect! Then came the sixth day. Filled with beauty and promise. Man and beast came. Awesome. Now it's complete. Earth! Everything on Earth! Beautiful! Perfect! Complete!

I always believed that all God created was meant for each other. For us to take care of the earth and for the earth to take care of us. ( Yes, I know God is our ultimate provider). What we do to the Earth, our land, our water, will have an impact on us. It is impossible for it not to. Do floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes not effect us? Then how is it we can not believe how we choose to live our lives will effect the earth, then in turn effect us. I see a big circle.

For those of you who are actually still reading this past the 2nd sentence, I am going somewhere with this I promise. It wasn't until I went to Africa that I saw first hand how important this relationship really is.

Here is what should be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Natural rock bridge, plants, monkeys, a stream. Until you get close enough to smell and see. The water is filled with trash, carcasses of all living beasts, poop, and disease.
In this picture you can see the trash literally avalanching into the water.

I love the locals gathering on the bridge watching the crazy woman examine the water. You can't see them but down the stream were two men. They were rummaging through the water to find trash or fish that they could take home to their family. Next to them was someone going to the bathroom and down a little more people were bathing. On top of the hill kids were playing. My heart was screaming, "STOP, YOU'RE KILLING YOURSELVES." You are throwing trash into the same water you drink from, bathe from, and fish from. I wondered do they know? Do they care? But more importantly in such poverty is there a choice? Here in America, I can, I have the luxury of knowing, of caring, of choosing. I can tell my kids wash your hands, pee in the toilet, have my trash collected and be totally ignorant of where it goes, clean my dishes, and buy filtered water even though I probably don't need it, I can bury my dead relatives, call the city to dispose of my road kill, file a complaint about the driver in front of me who tossed their latte out the window. While I was there it crossed my mind to start cleaning up all the crappola, but then what? Where will I put it? In the trash can? Are you kidding me? Poverty, deforestation, wealth, plunder of our natural resources are all connected. Don't get me wrong I know our God is a God of abundance, the great multiplier. Just look at the apple, one apple, tons of seeds, each with the promise of more apples. But I also believe to whom much is given, much is required. Much has been given and what are we or more accurately me, myself and I, What am I doing? I don't even know where to start, do you?

This is one of those posts that I'm attaching my "disclaimer" to.

*Dear reader of my blog, these are my thoughts and my opinions. If you find me selfish, irritating, too far left, too far right, too open, too shallow, non politically correct, too politically correct, too Christian, not Christian enough, have too many children, not enough children, too fat, too thin, pissed that I don't homeschool, worried if I do homeschool, can't believe I eat meat, think I'm starving my children if we are vegetarians, hate me that I like Obama, curse me if I vote McCain, accuse me of polluting the environment if I don't drive a hybrid, call me granola that I buy organic or don't like me at all, then may I suggest you give yourself a tree loving, oil coveting, athestistic hug in the name of Christ and quietly read someone else's blog.*

This post is dedicated to my dad. A man who has spent the majority of his life in the pursuit of an answer.

I Miss My ...

I miss my camera. A month ago it was Diezelized (our term for all things Diezel). He drug it through the sand, threw it in the ocean and had the best time of his life trying to take it apart. Where was I when all of this took place? I have no idea.

I have missed so many cute photo moments with all the kids. This weekend Faith caught the biggest bullfrog I've ever seen. Mckayley caught tons of crayfish. Lukas painted himself with mud, Xia bathed in the creek, Diezel threw rapid fire rocks, and Jace he counted down the moments that he would no longer be tortured in nature.

I miss my camera.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I have so much to do. Yet, I feel like I'm standing still, lost and inadequate. I don't regret for one moment our decision to bring Gadese here(the pregnant Ethiopian woman). She has blessed our family beyond words. I just feel like God called me to something that is so beyond my gifting it is scary. When we met her and Alex in Ethiopia we thought things would go differently than they have. We being completely naive thought that Alex would already be granted a visa, would be working for our company, would be on our company medical insurance, and he and Gadese would be anxiously awaiting their baby together, here in America. Instead we are no closer to a Visa for Alex and Gadese's is going to expire 3 weeks before the baby is born. Alex is unemployed in Ethiopia. Since Gadese is here on a tourist Visa, we can't get her state help for medical expenses and forget company insurance she isn't allowed to "work". Her and Alex have now been apart for over three months with no end in sight. The baby is due in less than three months. The medical bills are piling up. I need to start fund raising to cover her medical care. The doctor said if everything goes great we are looking at 20K if she has complications possibly 100-250k. Okay that shakes me a little. So next week I need to start, 1. Fundraising 2. Go to the three hospitals in town and see if any of them will help. 3. Since things are going well, go to the birthing center and talk to the midwifes about helping. 4. apply to extend Gadese's Visa and send in $300 with the application. 5. Forget trying to get Alex a permanent Visa and apply for a tourist one so at least he can be here for the birth. This will also take money for the Application and 2k for airfare.
We also at this time completely support Gadese and her family financially on our own.
Like I said, I wouldn't change any of it. She has become my sister and my best friend. I just feel so inadequate. And to be honest this is just one of the areas of my life right now that I feel this way.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I came across this online. I have no idea who took it, but thanks! This is the only picture I have right now.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Tonight is the Night

We are having a wonderful time so far. We arrived yesterday afternnoon. We haven't see much of Adam:( but will see him tonight at the premiere. Stephanie and Laura thank you for the penny advice. What happens if it drops while I'm walking?
The best so far was meeting Crispy.

Oh my goodness! what a wonderful woman. Wow. She was so easy to talk with, enjoy her company and love. She has such a heart for her family, and it is eveident in her girls. They were as beautiful as they were sweet, and gracious. I was truly blessed to meet them. Thank you for coming Crispy.

On a side but luming note. When I got here yesterday I started with a fever and chills and now I'm bleeding a lot with a lot of cramping and it's not my time of the month yet. I just want to be able to make it through tonight and enjoy the evening. Good thing my dress is red.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am Filled With...

I feel like we just got home and already it is time to leave again. Tonight at 3am, Adam, myself and our three oldest kiddos fly to Florida to walk the red carpet of my man's first feature length film. I am filled with so much emotion.

I am filled with gratefulness. I am so grateful the film is finally over. It was the longest 9 months of my life without my man. I am also grateful that my man was able to fulfill a life long dream. He made a movie and recorded music!

I am filled with excitement. I have no idea what the next year holds for our family, but I'm ready.
I'm excited to see my three oldest as they watch their daddy celebrate the culmination of a life long dream.

I am filled with relief. I would be lying if I didn't say that I was looking forward to a break from the three toddlers. I am also relieved that the movie actually got completed. It's one thing to start such a project, but another to actually finish it.

I'm filled with nervousness. As much as I need a break I'm nervous about the impact three days away from the twins will do. I have worked so hard to get to where I'm at with their trust. I'm also nervous to be in the"limelight". I know the film has nothing to do with me and people probably won't notice, but the thought of cameras and eyeballs freak me out a little.

I am filled with fear. Holy crapola! I have to wear heels. What if I trip? What if I walk like I'm being poked in the rear?

I'm filled with girliness. Is that even a word? I kind of missed out on the prom thing and I kind of missed out on the traditional wedding thing. So, this will be the first time in 35 years, that I will get dressed in a gown, nails done, hair fixed and get to feel like a princess. My man tells me that he is more excited to see me walk the red carpet than he is about the movie.

BTW- I found an awesome dress. It is all red. Very classy in a simple way. Some pretty cool shoes and a killer pedicure. Please just pray I don't fall on my face.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Keeping it Real

Raise your hand and say,"Aye" if you get tired of the anonymous cloak. A while back I got a really nasty comment. I thought it didn't affect me, but it did. It haunted me in a weird way. I found myself censoring everything I thought about blogging. I wanted to share so much about our new life PA (post-adoption) but I didn't. I let anon's pitiful comment stop me. Which excuse my french, but really pisses me off that I allowed a coward that, likes to throw a punch and run, stop me from opening up. Especially when I went out on a limb to keep by blog public awhile back when all the weirdness was happening. I even stayed public despite the fact I was a little in the middle of the reason people were shutting down. I really hope anon's around the world don't force me to put a disclaimer on all my posts.

*Dear reader of my blog, these are my thoughts and my opinions. If you find me selfish, irritating, too far left, too far right, too open, too shallow, non politically correct, too politically correct, too Christian, not Christian enough, have too many children, not enough children, too fat, too thin, pissed that I don't homeschool, worried if I do homeschool, can't believe I eat meat, think I'm starving my children if we are vegetarians, hate me that I like Obama, curse me if I vote McCain, accuse me of polluting the environment if I don't drive a hybrid, call me granola that I buy organic or don't like me at all, then may I suggest you give yourself a tree loving, oil coveting, athestistic hug in the name of Christ and quietly read someone else's blog.*


Now I really don't want to add a disclaimer to every blog and I don't want to censor my writing. So what's a blogger to do?

Keep it real.

So what was the comment?
Not worth mentioning or keeping. It was deleted as soon as it was received. If it were constructive I would have kept it, but anything destructive that could hurt my children who read this is out of here.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lyme Education

I found this article interesting.

My sister died two years ago after a long battle with Lyme disease. I only now can understand the frustration she must have felt to be constantly misdiagnosed, told it was in her head, and that it couldn't be that bad. I'm so glad it is finally getting the attention it deserves.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Leaving for Home

We leave tomorrow on July 4th to start the journey back home. I can't wait. Adam is coming home with us:) It has been quite the adventure here in California for the last 6 weeks. We will be home for 4 days before we head out to Florida for the premiere of the movie. I miss reading everyone's blogs and keeping up.