Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Keeping it Real

Raise your hand and say,"Aye" if you get tired of the anonymous cloak. A while back I got a really nasty comment. I thought it didn't affect me, but it did. It haunted me in a weird way. I found myself censoring everything I thought about blogging. I wanted to share so much about our new life PA (post-adoption) but I didn't. I let anon's pitiful comment stop me. Which excuse my french, but really pisses me off that I allowed a coward that, likes to throw a punch and run, stop me from opening up. Especially when I went out on a limb to keep by blog public awhile back when all the weirdness was happening. I even stayed public despite the fact I was a little in the middle of the reason people were shutting down. I really hope anon's around the world don't force me to put a disclaimer on all my posts.

*Dear reader of my blog, these are my thoughts and my opinions. If you find me selfish, irritating, too far left, too far right, too open, too shallow, non politically correct, too politically correct, too Christian, not Christian enough, have too many children, not enough children, too fat, too thin, pissed that I don't homeschool, worried if I do homeschool, can't believe I eat meat, think I'm starving my children if we are vegetarians, hate me that I like Obama, curse me if I vote McCain, accuse me of polluting the environment if I don't drive a hybrid, call me granola that I buy organic or don't like me at all, then may I suggest you give yourself a tree loving, oil coveting, athestistic hug in the name of Christ and quietly read someone else's blog.*


Now I really don't want to add a disclaimer to every blog and I don't want to censor my writing. So what's a blogger to do?

Keep it real.

So what was the comment?
Not worth mentioning or keeping. It was deleted as soon as it was received. If it were constructive I would have kept it, but anything destructive that could hurt my children who read this is out of here.


Leah Dooley said...

The old saying that sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me is A LIE! Words do hurt. They are oh so powerful and I completely understand why that affected you the way it did. What if you blocked anonymous comments? That would protect yourself from having to deal with all those nasty feelings. Maybe that would be a step in shielding yourself from the enemy's attack. Just a thought! I love you hot red dress!

Anonymous said...

I could never be upset with you honey. I have been not my bloggy self. Sort of just TIRED.

I love you blog. I love your honesty and thanks for keeping it real.

I also have been victim to anon. And recently to someone who left their name and then decided to flame me on their own blog. It was really hard and I was really hurt. Sorry you have had this too.


Salzwedel Family said...

You go girl! Keep on keepin' it real.

amy smith said...

YEAH Steffany!
Glad we shared a cloud today. :)

Christi said...

Hey Steph! You keep it real girl! That is why I love to come here and read what you are thinking. You are a great person, a great wife and a great mom. You only have your people to please, and you are doing an outstanding job. Keep livin' and keep in touch!

Jenny said...

I am sorry to hear that you got hurt. You and Adam have such a huge heart for God your children and others. It is so easy for others who have not adopted to judge us. Just remember that those who know you love you to pieces and think your a teriffic mother and wife!!!! I know that you would give your life for your children. I pray that God would pore his love and peace over your family. Please keep sharing with us how everything is going.I love the updates.. I miss you Helen ,Jenny

Emily said...

OK I love that disclosure........I need to have that printed up on a tee shirt for all the people who stare as we walk around :)

emily said...

The reason I immediately clicked with you and your blog is because you keep it real sister! Hang tough- we all need to stick together. :)

Missy said...

FANTASTIC!! I have only gotten one irritating comment, and it wasn't nearly as bad as yours, but you're right, you do find yourself censoring what you type without even realizing it. If you can't speak your mind, your peace and your heart on your own blog, then where can you?

Shonna said...

I love your honesty, I keep up with these blogs because it helps me to know I will make it through this adoption process. I would rather you be brutally honest with life than sugar coat things.

Anonymous said...

if you are going to crunch granola, then it better be organic...that's all i got.

oh and i love the deep seeded dork within you.

tree-hugs from your bestest dork bud ever,

*see people you can use the anon feature AND leave your name. it works.

Sean and Lisa said...

Oh Steff....I've MISSED you!!

Cassie said...

love it. i may have to steal that disclosure for my own blog!! :)
anon comments suck!

amber said...

AWESOME! Every blogger should have that posted in their sidebar!!!!! :0)


Brandi said...

Oh. . you crack me up! I love it! I've missed your blogging. . maybe we'll get more now!

Love you,

stephanie said...

oh girl!!! preach it!