Friday, June 13, 2008

Technology Woes

My laptop broke just when I was starting to blog again:(
I only have use of my hubby's when he is home from 3:00am-7:30am. Needless to say I won't be using it much.

I also am a little isolated here. It's rare to find a bar of signal on my phone. I spend much of my time searching going from one room to the next saying, "Are you there? Can you hear me? and man I can't stand Sprint." I have a great signal away from the house, but with 6 kids (3 toddlers) when I am away from the house all my attention is always on head counting and chaos management. So on those rare moments that I am alone and away from my house I am dialing.

I'm also reminded why we don't have television. I have been really tempted lately to give into the pleas of my oldest son who wants cable. The house we are staying at has it. And man it's really lame. For the first week we had it on a lot. I noticed so much more fighting between the 3 oldest. Then last week Aunt Leah sent megablocks to the twins for their birthday. Which was awesome we are really low on toys here. Those of you who know me know I pride myself on the ability to pack light. Sometimes too light. Toys were left out. Hey we are at the beach. Who needs toys, right? Anyway,this week the tv has been off the majority of the time and they have set up store, a game they created using the blocks. They create robots and animals then sell them to eachother for the green blocks. They have banking and give donations to eachother when in need. It is really fun to watch especially when Gadese starts playing. The fighting is much better. I know tv works in some houses just not ours. So Aunt Leah and Uncle Lex thanks again for the wonderful gift.


Major Mom said...

HaPpY BdAy DiEzEl and DaIzEy!!!!!!!

WE just heard we should have baby B. by August! Woohoooo! Things have slowed down since Agitu left ET and she is going back on the 23rd of June so things should pick up, and she said B. should be ready by the 3rd or 4th week of August:) Just in time for our anniversary:)

crispy said...

I am right there with you with the broken computer and the no signal for my cell (not crazy about sprint right now either).

Happy birthday to those little sweeties.


Ginny said...

t.v. doesn't work for us either. so glad we booted it altogether. more fighting etc. etc. before. and that is even though the kids are just watching benign stuff. I guess it's something in their wiring. glad you got those blocks.

Sean and Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to your newest blessings! Sorry about your computer woes...can't live with em can't live without em. :)
We too don't do tv. Haven't since our oldest boys were just small. We're odd and we like it that way. LOL!
Glad to hear your kiddos are back to "real" living and playing....that's what life is all about. Enjoy!

Leah Dooley said...

I'm so excited that those mega blocks are coming in handy because I was so unsure what to send! This sounds so dumb but I was walking around Toys R Us praying that God would "show me what to buy" and HE DID!! I love small miracles like that!


Laura said...

Hey Steff, it is amazing how much better my kids behave when the tv is off and they don't start the day with it, especially. We do like Discovery Channel though, with all of the outdoor shows, esp. Man vs. Wild, How things are Made, cooking shows. Happy Birthday to the twins...can you BELIEVE the news from Jay and Candace?!? Hard to know whether to laugh or cry...done a little of both. God is an AWESOME God! Hugs to everyone. Alexandra prays for you all every night and cannot wait to find out what Gadese is having. Blessings to you and your!

Laura said...

Oops...blessings to you and yourS. Hah!

Leimomi said...

Good post.