Monday, June 9, 2008

Cardboard Box Fun 101


crispy said...

We have done "red neck sledding" sliding down on flattened cardboard down a grassy hill in the winter when the grass is dry. It is a hoot.

Stepping Out of the Boat said...

They are so CUTE! Love them!

Lex said...

YOU GOT THE BOX! Or else...I picked out outfits they already had :)

I wasn't sure on the sizes. I actually meant to get the 12-18 months for the dress and ended up getting the bigger one on accident. I think that's what happened. Well, I guess it fits.

It looks like y'all are on the set of a movie and that was a take. Looks like fun.

Kim said...

I am glad to see my kids are the only "nutty" ones. Your house looks as crazy as mine.! WE did pillow jumping the other day, we don't have stairs.
Love Kim

Brandi said...

That reminds me of my childhood!! How fun!! I love it!

Are you still in Cali?

Love you,

Emily said...

I love it! Now you have some Christmas ideas.........boxes for everyone! :)