Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Last Complaint for the Year.

So, I' m still sick. I know this topic is getting old. I had another trip to urgent care here on my vacation in sunny California. This time I walked out after more blood work, chest xray, urine sample and 4 prescriptions. I don't know whether to be irritated with my current situation or worried. It has now been two months of doctors and meds. I sure hope my body conquers this stuff fast. I know my physical state is adding to the feeling of being in a hole. And get this I'm not allowed in the sun for two weeks. I'm in California at the beach with my kiddos. MAN! And since this is my last complaint for the year may I add This really bites!!!!!!!! Okay, I'm done.



amy smith said...

that totally sucks. maybe the kids could bury you in the sand! because i am pretty sure, if you are not feeling bad enough, sand down your pants will help. :)

Candace said...

Awww girl! I got your message last night and felt like crying! What on earth is going on in your little body? Praying for recovery for you!
When you can't beach...time to SHOP!!!

Missy said...

Steffany, I'm so glad you left me a comment, now I can get to your blog again. I haven't been able to access it for a while and was missing it, I wasn't even sure it existed anymore, I was getting weird error messages when I tried.

Anyway, I am so sorry about all that you are going through. I wish I could offer you some encouragement, but just know that I'm praying for you.


crispy said...

I am so sorry. My prayer is that it will pass. It may take time to work its way out of your system and hopefully you can endure in the mean time. Keep waiting on the Lord to mighty things. So sorry, dear friend.


Kim said...

I say get a giant hat umbrella and sunblock and go for it. I don't Steph, I am so sorry this is all happening to you. I think it is okay to share your heart, I don't take it as complaining personally. The bible says to laugh with those laughing, mourn with the mourning and also to comfort with the same comfort that was given to each of us. I think it is okay to say how you feel. No sun in CA, comon that would piss me off. Acutally we will be in San Diego in the middle of June, will you?

love Kim

Karin said...

By sharing this, it helps us to know what to pray for! It's okay to share~ this isn't complaining to me. Being sick is annoying and nerve racking~ I pray that you are all better soon!

Brandi said...

ok, sick, feeling awful..weird stuff going on. . all bad, but not being able to be in the sun? AWFUL!!!!!

Love you and praying for WISDOM about your crazy body!