Saturday, July 10, 2010


The headband orders have slowed down drastically. Yet, I keep seeing pictures of them popping up on my FB and the Because Every Mother Matters FB...I get so tickled (Yes, I just used tickled:) every time I see a new person wearing a Tacky for Africa headband! I am loving it. So, if you haven't posted your picture yet..please do:) I have had a few people talk about doing a headband party..I love that idea. If you are interested, let me know. I can send brochures, headbands and anything else you need. Basically the rule has been..not to let anyone see them first. The grab-bag thing has been working really well! However I do know half of you voted that I should allow people to choose their own (for an additional $2.00) So, I will try it...for one experiment. I will post pictures that a blog friend took for me. You can all thank Ginny for the awesome pics! If I do not sell the 1o headbands I have pictures of (thus proving Grab-bag rocks)..I will go back to grab-bag only.

Pink Argyle

Black martini olive

Plum Paradise

Marilyn Monroe Polka Dots

Bright Flower

Sunkist polka dot

Chocolate Brown Morning

Black vintage

Fruit Stripe

Perfect paisley

Again this only an experiment! One week only.


Molly said...

I wanna buy the MM polkadot one and the one below it... THe bright flower. Can i?

steffany said...

Absolutely Molly. The pick your own headbands paypal is on the right. Just select those two. Then I'll ship on Mon.

Ginny said...

Cool, I am glad you got the disc! I hope these sell!