Thursday, July 15, 2010

Challenge Clarification...

After re-reading my "challenge", I realized I may have come across a little haughty..
Wanted to clarify something. I am not doing this to prove a point or make a statement of any kind.
I am simply trying to turn my families financial situation into a game. If I don't ..I may end up focusing on what I don't have, getting angry at the situation and becoming bitter. So, this "challenge" gives me something constructive to focus on. Will I be able to only spend $50 in groceries a week for my family? I don't know, but I will have fun trying...and who knows, maybe I will learn something about my spending habits in the process:)

BTW- I will not be including the price of the food I already had in my freezer or cupboards in my daily total..that is already spent money (probably from last year:) But trust me when I say..there really wasn't much there to begin with.

I am serious though about selling some of my junk(stuff) that I don't need to make up the difference and donating that money:) Thanks Layla for the inspiration


Jaime And Drew said...

This is just wanted I needed right now! To set an amount and learn to live with it!!

GulfCoastOilSpill said...

Well there is always Angel Food Ministries. However if you want to eat healthy, lots of tuna, beans and rice. Maybe you have a bread maker, that could save money. However with milk being around $5 per gallon, well, that's a lot of milk for a family of six kids who likely drink milk a lot. There is always dried milk though. You could buy some chickens for yummy eggs. They don't eat much.