Monday, July 19, 2010

The Boring Truth

I remember a time not so long ago that I rarely blogged....
I am blogging several times a day.
Not sure which is better..
you wondering what I am doing/thinking
realizing how boring I really am.

I just quit an epic Monopoly game with my family.
Seriously..that was exciting as being trapped on the 101 freeway in L.A.
To the dismay of my family..who ALL happen to be serial entrepreneurs..
I gave away my property and money and walked away.
2 hours later...they are still at it.

I am finding solace and enjoyment on my computer.
I am truly boring
I'm glad you now know the truth.


Paula said...

Me too, Steffany.

Paula said...

Me too, Steffany.

Layla Payton said...

I cannot stand Monopoly! I played it a million times as a kid, guess I had a longer attention span then. Ha! You...boring? Nah! You just knew you had 'em beat. ;)

GulfCoastOilSpill said...

LOL Monopoly is like Life, you could give away everything you own, or be owned by it. (Then feel guilty for either action).