Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's Over...

The 2 weeks of feeding my family of 8-9 on $50 a week has come to an end. Depending on your view point..it was either very tragic or quite triumphant.
Like so many challenges I have created before...I learned so much through the process. I know I start things strong and committed, only to find myself making excuses towards the end. The first week was awesome. I went $3.30 over budget. We were eating well and I felt prepared. After the 8 day mark my fresh food source depleted..
Lesson 1. Buy only what you will eat and eat what you have.
Lesson 2. Never buy your food for 2 weeks out!
Lesson 3. Plan a basic menu for the month based on what is on sale. Then purchase those items IF they keep
Lesson 4. Only buy your produce as you use it!
Lesson 5. You really don't need what you think you do..
Lesson 6. You have MORE than you think you do...
Lesson 7. I am more spoiled than I though I was
My biggest mistake was buying my $100 budget for 2 weeks all at once!
Once my fresh food ran out..I panicked. Not to mention we had tons of company the 2nd week. I also became extremely ill for 4 days. Leaving my man to feed our family:) Need I say more...
The 2nd week depending how you look at it was not so successful. I went $100 bucks OVER! What gets me and disappointments me is..I know we could have done it. I know with better planning..It could be done. Even with the 11-12 people I had, but I got lazy and made excuses.

Good news is..I am selling this week a few luxuries I don't need and I will be donating what I make ($120) to Redeeming Waters. Even though I run BEMM..I never want to get so short sighted that I can't support amazing causes.

Bad news- I failed and went over budget my 2nd week.
Good news-I learned tons and get to give to Redeeming Waters


Melinda said...

Your posts always bless me! Thanks for always keeping it real. You inspire me so much! So is your $50 weekly food budget temporary or are you trying to keep at it? If you are going to keep doing it, I would love ideas on menu options. I would love to spend less so I can give more and this is a great area to possibly work with.

Jen said...

Love your honesty. Kudos for trying!

Layla Payton said...

Steff, the Lord knows where your heart is. I am amazed that you still spent less than we did, and we are a smaller family. It's not about how we fail, it's about how we grow. Love you!!!

Jaime And Drew said...

This really made me work on my budget. Thanks for the advice!! Also, in stalking your blog I found information at DOMA in Ohio. I contacted them and plan to meet them. I tried to find your personal email on the WG list but couldn't.

Brandi said...

Love it and proud of you - that was hard and I love the lessons you learned in it. I still kinda think you freaking rock.

Love you much

Julie said...

If I was sick for 4 days my 4 kids and hubby could eat on about $3. That's because they'd be eating cheese crisps or cereal for every meal :-)

I'm proud of you for taking on the challenge!