Sunday, July 11, 2010

Coming To An End...

My sister-in-law took 20 headbands home to Texas with her. She was excited about selling them:) She took the last cute ones I had. So, the seven below + maybe 5-6 others are all that remain of the cute ones. I do have about 15 tacky left though;). I know you're sad...The headband era will be coming to a close..for awhile or until I can have some more made up.

No worries..I still have tons of Tacky beaded bracelets!

Anyway thank you everyone for making this so fun and we made at least $1000 for the mommas in E. Africa by you all buying, selling and wearing Tacky for Africa Headbands.
I don't have the final numbers yet...but we have raised WELL over 12k for the for the momma's in E. Africa in the last few months! Yeah..this is exciting stuff!

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Paula said...

Did mine get mailed before the cute ones were gone, or are we doomed to tacky? Not that we don't WANT to be tacky for Africa.