Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Biting Motivation

I found myself consumed in a huge project as soon as I woke up this morning. After several sleepless nights and being covered in itchy blistered bites, I finally decided to attack my bedroom. I was sure I would find bedbugs or some sort of nasty infestation. I tore my room apart. I got out flashlights to search every nook, cranny and seam. I washed all bedding, drapes, rugs. I emptied all drawers, closet and vacuumed the couch in my room. I scrubbed the floor under my bed, dressers and baseboards. I got rid of over 3 large trash bags of clothing to donate. I organized shoes, bags, and even underwear. I swept up a pound of dust. After all of that...I remembered my paintball battle I just had in the woods and figured out I was covered in chiggers. Nothing like the fear of bedbugs to motivate me to do stuff that needed to be done anyway. I am now slathered in anti-itch cream, doped up on benadryl and ready to fall deeply asleep in my nice clean room.

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Jaime And Drew said...

That is something I would do! One time I "thought" Keagan had lice. My house has never been so clean. To this day the poor girl hates to have her hair washed. (the bottle recommended 3 washes that means I apply 6)