Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just Picture it...

You know you are a blog addict when something catastrophic happens and your first thought is..
Where is my camera?!
As I started snapping pictures of the scene in front of me and thinking about how I would make this into some amazing theologically witty post that would inspire comments to flood in..
I even had a blog title thought out
Broken Blenders, Amish Friendship Bread, Headband Material and Dinner for under $2.00.
Then I saw the blood
the pain sank in...
in the midst of crying
I couldn't help but to laugh
think....welcome to another day in the life of every momma in the world
I will leave the rest of the story up to your imagination.


GulfCoastOilSpill said...

List of possibilties:
-One of the kids hit you in the nose
-You cut yourself trying to section off an apple in exact particular sizes, and cut yourself
-You slipped and fell on a toy and it opened a section of your scalp
-You stubbed your toe on a heavy kid toy

? Am I close ?

steffany said...

lol...good guesses. but no