Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Treasures I Found Today

Cleaned the garage spontaneously today. We found infestations of black widows, cat poop, trash, a dirty diaper that was stored in a plastic bag for I don't know how long, junk, more junk, and a few treasures. Covered in layers of dust and grime, I came across a beat up old case. My first thought was to toss it aside and label it "no good"

The shell

The treasure.

A vintage Singer sewing machine. This could be special to the right person.

Then I came across another dirty box. Something that appeared to be undesirable. Again I was ready to throw it in my discard or unworthy pile

The Shell.

The treasure.

Antique silver from 1930ish. Again something special hidden in plain site, but ignored for years because I never took the time to look inside.

As I was laying in my bed tonight, exhausted from my day...I decide to go on FB. A particular post by Lindsey Andrews caught my attention. After I took a moment to read her words..
Again I was convicted.

The shell.

A 5 year old boy(same age as my Lukas). He has cerebal palsy w/ significant delays.
He probably has spent most of his life in an orphanage.

In 6 short weeks he will be moved to a mental institution where he will spend the rest of his life confined to a crib in a dark room.
"no good"
Cast out
Labeled as undesirable
Looked over
He will not be able to find his forever family at that point

The treasure.

A five year boy.
Meet Monroe.
He is more than just the challenges you see..
He is worthy of love..simply because He is he.
He is beautiful.

He will be special to someone...

Maybe you?

Will you take the time to see what is inside?
A 20k grant will apply to this treasure.

Go here for more info

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emily said...

Breaks this mamas heart. Abe is the best treasure we have been given. Thank you for advocating for this precious child.