Friday, July 16, 2010

1st lesson Learned

Things are going great regarding staying within my budget so far. Before I went to the grocery store yesterday to purchase 2 weeks of groceries at $50 a week, I started dinner in the crockpot from stuff I had laying around the house. So, technically last nights dinner was not included in the $50 I budgeted for this week. Score:) This mornings breakfast also came from stuff I had already in the cupboard and the last bit of milk purchased last week:) Lunch consisted of last nights leftovers..I added 1/4 of $1.00 bag of cheese to it though. .25cents into my budget there. I splurged on an energy drink earlier at $1.30 (this will probably bite me in the butt later). Tonight's dinner I am using ground beef that was in my freezer from two months back..We will make tacos! I am learning that I have more resources in my freezer and cupboards that probably would have gone unused if I wasn't being thrifty. In all honesty, most of it would have expired before I even thought about using it instead of going to the store.

1st lesson learned-Use what I have and only buy what I am sure I will use.

Here is last night's dinner. I took frozen chicken breasts that Adam had bought months back (they were never fresh..the kind that already comes in a bag) That is probably why I never used them. I bad. Anyway..5 frozen breasts, a jar of trader joes Vodka pasta sauce that was purchased months ago when I was in St. Louis, and whole wheat organic orzo (bought months ago as well)
It turned out great. We had tons leftover too.

I have had several people email me telling me they couldn't do it. Yeah, $50 is quite a stretch...but what about $100 or $150? Create a budget. One that is comfortable for your family..not so comfortable that you don't have to give something up, but something that you know you can do...Then share what you learn...Save some money in the process or give the extra away:)

I found my first unneeded item that I'm holding onto and am ready to sell it...It's my stroller I bought when Lukas was a baby. We had never been in a position to purchase a nice stroller or any stroller with the other kids. This was my first baby splurge after 4 kids. I know it is extremely unlikely we will have anymore babies, but for some reason I held on to this. It is in desperate need of a bath

My peg perego stroller. Any ideas on WHERE to sell it? HOW MUCH to sell it for? Any money I get will go towards charity...Craigslist? Ebay? Local paper? I normally give my stuff away. I'm kind of new to selling it.


Janera said...

New reader here. My suggestion would be that something that large will be difficult to box for shipping, but check ebay for pricing ideas, then use Craigslist.

Beautiful Mess said...

Yeah you!

Paula said...

I'm an eBay buyer, not a seller. And I always give stuff away because it's easy and I'm lazy. Which is why I'm also a horrible grocery shopper. I hate grocery shopping with a fiery passion. I don't like to do anything that will slow me down in the store, like actually try to stick to a budget. Gee Steffany, you are causing me to reflect on all of my unattractive traits this week! ;) But I love you anyway. Or maybe that's one of the reason WHY I love you. And your dinner sounds like it was yummy.

GulfCoastOilSpill said...

Craig's List all the way. (IMO)

Ebay costs not only a listing fee, but also shipping. CL costs nothing(well....gas) if you meet a buyer.... or have them drop by to pick it up. Cash only! :)

I'd put a price at $20 (or X amount) at first, then list again at $15 (etc) if there is no response.

You can continue to list at a lower price too. I've been selling stuff via CL forever, so let me know if ya need any tips haha. :)

I also had tacos via leftovers tonight. LOL!