Monday, July 5, 2010

Friends Like These...

I have never had a ton of friends...
I know how to blend in and get along...
I can love just about anyone...
to dig down
go deep
really get dirty with someone.
to allow them access to ALL of me....
to know all of them
In my life..
until recently
this has happened 5 times.
5 friends.
Real friends.
2 of them I talk to regularly..
3 of them I found again through FB.
In the last year though...
I have met so many amazing people.
Women who inspire me
encourage me
support me
reach out to me
even when I am
just being me..
Friends who
pray for me
listen to me
even though they may not always "get me"
they love me.
I absolutely LOVE and ADORE THEM!
This past week...
I was so blessed by many...
some strangers..
some acquaintances..
ALL I would be honored to call my friend.

I had one friend return from Ethiopia..her family faced some intense moments while there..many of you prayed for my friend Amy. I lovingly call her...UGG..her of strong stock woman. She never ceases to amaze me. She has an inner and outer strength that many of us dream of possessing. Even in the middle of a huge battle to bring her daughter home..she STILL met with Gadese, Alebachew and Christiana...she even remembered to take them Snickers and take tons of pics for me! I woke up Sat. morn to 12 pictures!
Amy and Gadese!

After my "rough" post..I received a few encouraging emails and phone calls.
three that stand out are from 3 women I have NEVER met. After reading their words..I sat there in awe. I didn't have to explain my post. They just got it. I was so blessed by them...
Thank you
Lindsey...I cannot wait to get to know YOU. I have felt a connection with you from the moment I read your heart for KUSHUM....
Melanie...You had me at "sharing ungodly amounts of coffee and laughing till we snort" and your usage of the word s%it...Something about that was very comforting!
Oh Dear Brandi...
Do I need to say more my sweet friend! We are sooooo completely different in sooooo many ways...Yet.from the moment over 2 years ago we visited each other's blog...We knew we were the same! I have never met anyone quite like you...You can motivate even a sloth. Love you!
then there's MISSY!
I had the privilege of meeting her last month!
What can I say about this woman?
Never before..have I ever encountered the same mix as me...
Recently I had someone tell me...
I was fearless yet filled with so much fear....
I take that as a compliment...
Missy is without a doubt...
filled with
a beautiful weakness...
An empathy that most can only dream of.
a vulnerability that makes her lovely!

When I met her in Florida this past month..I fell in love with her kids! They not only tagged all the headbands being sent out, but they kept 20 to sell themselves..This weekend they sent me pics of a group of women and girls who wanted to support BEMM!
and turns out Missy has a HUGE talent for all things hippy. She makes the most amazing candles for her org Flicker of Hope...
They are incredible..They not only smell incredibly but burn rather slowly!
She is making a special
Look for details soon.
You will not want to miss out!
then..there is Danette!
BEMM would not be where they are without her.
I asked over 600 people for help to create something we could sell for the mommas in E. Africa
one person answered the call.
I didn't even know her...
yet..she answered.
and not only did she answer, but her family did!
3 generations of women...
my sweat shop of love ladies!

So..if you are one of the "dare to be tacky buyers"
these are the women who spent countless hours for free sewing for the mommas they never met!
With friends like these....
I feel a little less alone.
So many of you have helped make a difference in my life...
I do not want to leave anyone out!
I also give thanks to:
Lucky Friday Studios
Erin Littleton
a 3rd time headband buyer:
Amanda Johnson...
Oh my goodness...
If you live in the Tampa area..
You will be blessed!
I will write more about this...
and the list goes on!


Angel said...

God is SO GOOD!! When we step it out He provides what we need including the support of fellow warrior girls!! :o) Angel

amy smith said...

i love you too.
more than you know.

Brandi said...

oh sweet friend, you know I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't WAIT to hug your crazy neck in person....86 days from today!


missy said...

i love you sweetheart.