Monday, July 19, 2010


Just maybe..I was a bit naive thinking I could me my family off of $50 a week. So far everything is great..we are 5 days in. No trips to the store which is HUGE for us. We even made it this weekend with not spending any extra. The problem is going to definitely be in a few days when all of our "fresh" food is gone. It was stupid for me to buy 2 weeks of food including my fruits and veggies! Tonight was a huge success. I had bought 2 whole "natural" chickens (no antibiotics) for $6.00 bucks, it was on the (THIS MEAT NEEDS TO BE EATEN NOW RACK:)
Dinner tonight for $4.25 fed 8 people and yes, we had leftovers
1 roast chicken...I seasoned it w/ olive oil, lemon, thyme, rosemary, sea salt, pepper, garlic and 1/3 onion
Mashed potatoes-bought for .92 cents for a 5 pound bag..mixed with butter and a little bit of milk
Cucumber salad-My friend gave me a fresh cucumber. I cut it, added dill a little bit of leftover lettuce and balsamic vinegar....

There you go! Dinner and not to mention tomorrow I will boil the left over chicken carcass and make a delicious broth for another dinner!

Like I said..all is going great. I think my biggest mistake is buying my fresh food 2 weeks out! In 2 days..we will be out of fresh veggies and fruits...then we will have to make due...w/(insert scream here) canned!

I also went through all my stuff this weekend and right now I have my peg perego stroller, a chico backpack, and the baby bed I was saving for my grandkids for sale online.

And...I took a ton of stuff to GOODWILL.

Remind me to tell you about "the Christmas tree" sometime. It belonged to my sister who died recently...
That was a whole other lesson learned

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