Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Challenge...

Are you ready?
Ready for a challenge?
To challenge your spending...
To learn to live on what you have?
Live on less?
Be happy with a little?
To be okay with what you have...
and realize that your "nothing"
a major something to the millions around the world?! we go! It is no secret that Adam and I started from less than meager beginnings. We used take our kids..knock on doors in L.A. and ask to paint their house number on their curb for $10 so we could eat. I am no stranger to tightening our belt and pressing on...
We have been blessed to not have to for a few years...but I still appreciated those times. It was humbling, character building, and much needed.
Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you view it...
once again..we are needing to live on a dime.
The only difference is...
We have 6 kids
40+ employees and their families
a mortgage
the film
a massive loan to keep the company afloat
new business endeavor
-way more responsibility-

A combination of bad economy and bad decisions made by several people who lack the ability to see the long term...We as a company and a family are hurting.
I could either choose to get angry
point my fingers
be bitter
filled with fear
(not making your house payment for months can do that)
Use this as an opportunity to work on
spending less
appreciating more
counting my blessings.

The challenge....
To spend $50 a week for a family of 8.
That may sound like a lot
(half of the world's population lives off $1.00 a day)
You might be thinking....
How is she going to do that?
Either way...
I challenge you....
See what you can live without for a week
(donate the remainder to BEMM:)
Keep a record of what you actually spend down to the penny...
Be aware of what you spend.
I will honestly tally everyday for the next few weeks what I spend....
Every cent I go over $50. a week...
I will personally sell something I own to make up the difference to give away.
Sound radical?


Paula said...

Ack! That is quite a challenge... I think I am afraid to see how much money we go through in one week!

steffany said...

Haha Paula...No doubt..I'm trying to make the best of our situation by turning it into a "challenge"....Trust me, when I say..I would rather not:)

Beautiful Mess said...

I am chicken...

I'll say the typical thing "I'll pray about that" while in my mind knowing "I am not there"

We desire to be there. NEED to be there.

I will HONESTLY (you know me) PRAY for you in your challenge. Pray others have boldness and DO take the challenge. and HOPE one day, i will follow in your footsteps and take the challenge.

You can do this! To God be the glory! In HIS faithfulness HE will provide!

Donna said...

WOW, Steffany. Can't wait to see the results. Grocery prices are so high right now, and even with just eating grains for breakfast and a LOT of beans and rice, I cannot imagine being able to do it! Unless you have a cow and your own garden, that is! Way to pull up the bootstraps and turn a tough circumstance into a game! I admire that!