Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Not Sure

I'm not sure what to blog about anymore...I used to blog about our adoption. The waiting...the homecoming...the adjustment. Then I wrote about Gedese(the women I met In Africa and brought home with me...thus the birth of Because Every Mother Matters) I wrote about different charities or causes I supported...I wrote about my health challenges...overcoming them..my son's severe OCD..my marriage...etc..AND now...hmmm.
well..I do not see anymore kids in our future anytime soon.
and I realized I will never be fully adjusted to our adoption..and that's okay. It doesn't mean we aren't still moving forward or attached.
The only charity or cause as of now is BEMM...and I am fired up!
My health is doing great...thanks GOD.
Jace...well we are in new territory and still figuring things out.
My marriage...holy cow...15 years and still learning.
And since I no longer blog for this weird need to feel accepted by someone..anyone...due to feeling so alone...because the older I get...I seem to relate back to my teen years...where..I am who I am..I am a dork. My family loves me. No-one seems "to get" me...but if GOD be for me....then nothing else matters much.
So that leaves me here..at this point. My blog is not going to attract the newly adoptive parents, or the latest cause or trend...
You are left with me.
The real me....
A woman who screws up a lot.
is honest to a fault...
Knows nothing...
Never graduated highschool...
A runaway who turned
ex-drug addict
and prostitute
redeemed by CHRIST.
Saved by GRACE.
and unashamed....
So..what do I blog about now?


amy smith said...

post pictures...
it seems to be working for me :)
love you.
the real you.

Debbie said...

Life, and family life, that is what I am going to start blogging about.... I am planning on catching up!


Emily said...

Hahaha my lack of blog posts can tell you that I am in the same place :)

Janet said...

Well, you could blog about aspects of your past and contrast them to WHO you are in Christ! ;)

Or... you could do a meme like I do when I get bored.

You could... find interesting people on other blogs and introduce them to the blog world that you know.



Sean and Lisa said...

Oh girl, it doesn't matter to me what you blog about because whatever it is know that I'm here reading! I guess you could say I'm a Steffany groupie. LOL!

I am so glad you are YOU...real, honest, raw and full of life!!

Love you!!

Dani said...

I think you're doing just fine:) It's always a blessing to see someone else be "real" especially in our shallow superficially driven culture. Just continue...

I look forward to your posts, even if I don't have the opportunity to respond much.

Be blessed...