Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just a Little..

I'm just a little bit nervous, but mostly excited. God has really been nudging me out of my comfort zone lately. First the table at preschool and now...tomorrow morning on Mother's Day, I have the privilege of talking to a church in Tampa, Florida about Because Every Mother Matters. Logos Dei Community Church is supporting BEMM and our efforts to bring maternity and infant care to the mommas in Ethiopia. So, at 9:00am via skype I will be pouring out my heart, casting a vision and hopefully not passing out from hyperventilating.
What is that saying? He doesn't call the equipped..He equips who He calls. Something like that, right? Yeah I never really liked that saying:) Or what about..Whatever your greatest fear..that is where HE wants to use you..Yeah, I was never fond of that saying either. At this doesn't really matter what my fears are or what I am good at. Why? Because it is not about me. It is about HIM and it is about them...the mothers, the children, the families, the community that is affected by the lack of basic necessities for a clean and healthy pregnancy and birth.

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Beautiful Mess said...

Did we do it? reach the goal! How did it go on the skype call? :)