Friday, May 21, 2010

I Must Remember...

Spending sometime today looking back at how far the twins have come. We are getting ready to celebrate their 4th birthday..Doesn't seem possible. Seems like just yesterday I was meeting them for the first time. I forgot how sick and how small they were. At almost 2 they weighed 10 pounds. This video was taken after their weeks in the hospital and after their 2nd birthday. They had just start walking and are in 3-6 month size clothes.



Debbie said...

I love this!!! Such pretty babies!!!


Sean and Lisa said...

I so remember you travelling to get them and all the prayer warriors rallying on their behalf. What a great God thing to be a part of!!

They are so precious...then and now. God has indeed blessed you with a beautiful family that shines of HIM!!
Much love!

Paula said...

Oh gosh, I thought they were tiny two weeks ago! Look how miniature they are! But so adorable! Wow, they've come a long, long way. Beautiful.

Brenna said...