Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The End is Near..

This might be it
it might be the end..

5475 straight days
or roughly
55,000 times
well over

I'm talking about diapers!

Diezel has been our last hold-out.
We are 3 days into
the end of daytime diapers.

This is a good thing..
especially if you have been blessed enough to be around during one of Diezel's 3-7x a day blowouts.
I can't help but to feel a little sad.
that means all my babies are growing up.
and we are moving into a new era.


*Overflowing* said...

Oohhh, the mixed blessing of our babies growing up! It's tough!!! I don't miss the diapers but I do miss the babies!!

Beautiful Mess said...


Leah Dooley said...

Yay Diez!!!!!! Think about all the other places that diaper money will go :)