Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Never Satisfied (Written by Jodie)

Because Every Mother Matters. A simple, powerful, yet poignant statement. Unfortunately, the world hasn't fully embraced this concept; because if they did, mothers wouldn't have to die from childbirth related causes due to a lack of medical care. Mothers wouldn't have to suffer a death of a child from malnutrition, dehydration, or pneumonia. Mothers wouldn't have to place their children in orphanages because of inability to provide for her family. Mothers wouldn't have to be vilified because of their HIV status. Every mother should matter in this world. If they mattered, families could be together and mothers could learn the skills necessary to provide for her family. " To educate a man is to educate his family; to educate a woman is to educate the world."

Steffany Boster, founder and creator of Because Every Mother Matters, started this organization because of her love for the mammas in the world. It was not okay that in East Africa 1 in 11 mothers die from childbirth. It was not okay that in Ethiopia " being pregnant means one foot in the ground." It was not okay that there are 147 million orphans in the world. It was not okay that a child born in Africa has a 17% chance of dying before the age of five. It was just not okay. Their mission statement is to support those who provide hope to mothers around the world and in our own backyards. See it was never about BEMM. It was about the mothers. Because Every Mother Matters supports and fundraises for organizations and non-profits helping the mothers. BEMM has raised over 50k for the mamas. She raised 5k for Project Hopeful + Sisterhood Project and 15k for Doma's maternal and infant health clinic in Ethiopia. How did she raise all the money? Headbands. Better known as the infamous " tacky for Africa." The headbands originally came from an idea that people would purchase a tacky headband for $10 not knowing what it would look like to support the organizations. To her surprise people bought them. She spoke to a woman who hires local refugees and decided that the headbands could benefit both the mammas and the local refugees making the headbands. It was mothers helping mothers and an organization extending the olive branch to other organizations in need. BEMM is going on their first mission trip to Ethiopia in February to connect with local and international organizations helping mothers. The team has gone to Ethiopia numerous times before, but will serve as their first official trip and to get their costs money. The team has been fundraising to get BEMM to Africa through various donations, auctions, and the tacky headbands. God is at work for the team and will be their guide to do his work for the mothers.

If everyone in the world cared for just one mother. It would mean one less orphan and death in this world. It would bring her and her family hope. Hope that she could give to other mothers. This hope is what BEMM wants to provide.

~ Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

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