Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Big Blog

This blog of mine has been though so many phases over the past few years.
I have blogged about our journey into the world of adoption
and how that lead me to my first fund raising effort for a baby home after our daughter died, which thus took me to Uganda
and a small island that needed clean water and healthcare
starting an org to provide birthing kits to pregnant mommas in Uganda
then back to only blogging about my heartache of wondering where my kids were
I wrote about waiting to adopt, raising my 4 kids when my husband was gone.
I wrote about losing a kid we fell in love with here in our state only to have him devoured by the foster care system and the intense pain.
I shared with you all the joy of finally finding our twins in Ethiopia, only to find them dying once we got there.
You read about the pregnant momma I met in Ethiopia and followed her story for a year after I brought her home with me
sold my car to pay for her medical care.
You waited anxiously for pictures of her daughter who even here in America,
almost died due to pregnancy related causes..
and updates on my own health after
I contracted Typhoid Fever, Hep A, Giardia and tissue parasites.
I have written from the funny "doing the dance", and toothpaste marriage wars
to being completely real and honest about the daily struggles I have
...not only from raising 6 kids, but the struggles that come with life.
I blogged a little about having myocarditis for 6 months and my families fear that I would die.
I have written about my feelings about non-profits, ego and the lack of organizations partnering together for orphan prevention.
You have heard me on my soap box,
my whine box
and my pity box.
Many of you have supported the number of causes I jump on and have jumped in with me .
I have blogged when I felt my faith was moving mountains
when I was so weary that kicking a pebble seemed hard.
You have watched my family overcome everything from physical,
and mental illnesses.
You saw me try to sell my first headband for doma and fail.
You witnessed the evolution of the Tacky 4 Africa Headbands
because of loyalty bought one or two

You have seen this blog....
my blog stay on topic like a two year old uses the potty.

The thing is
I stress out about what to write.
I hate that.
Should I write about my family?
The twins? My marriage? My faith? Funny Stories? Because Every Mother Matters?
My passion? My stupidity? Should I censor myself? Edit my thoughts to please the majority? Write for people that want to learn about adoption? Promote great causes. Be politically correct? Should I create a few different blogs? One for my family? One for Adoption? One for my organization-Because Every Mother Matters? One for my marriage? One for my walk?
Holy crap- can you imagine?
As my organization is growing and the amazing organizations I represent would think that maybe...just maybe I should separate my thoughts from my work.
But I can't or rather I won't.
I lack the ability to compartmentalize.
Everything is in one giant room

This is me.
All of it. 2011
I will continue to write
about this and that
and blend it all together on this blog.

Thank you friends, family, strangers and those that just happen to pass by for reading, supporting and inspiring and encouraging me to keep writing.


Paula said...

I think sometimes that we were separated at birth. :) I've been having this same talk with myself... I read on somebody's blog last week "that's not what this blog is about" and I was thinking, well gee what IS my blog about? Because sometimes I just don't know either. So I get where you're coming from. But you should know that the best thing about your blog is that it is so totally YOU. I love it. I love you, too. Happy 2011 Boster Family.

Sean and Lisa said...

Oh Steff we love you here on the mountain top!!
I'm happy to say I think I've been along for mostly all of those events you listed.
You rock and I love that you are the real deal....just plain{extraordinary!} YOU!!!
Much love!

Jaime And Drew said...

Keep rambling sister and we will keep reading!!!!