Saturday, January 15, 2011

Clearing Things Up.

I attempted my first "Facebook Event" to try to raise awareness for our upcoming trip and to raffle off this one of a kind FunkyFish bracelet. Let's just say, I either have no idea what I am doing and or the people I invited have no idea what I was trying to do. Over 400 people were "invited" (I'm still so confused by the whole event thing) to help BEMM get their butts back to Africa by entering to win this rad bracelet. Basically by donating any amount towards our mission trip would be entered to win. Yeah, even a quarter would qualify...the point was to make it do-able for anyone who wanted to help. So far we have 27 people who are "attending" -meaning going to enter the raffle of the bracelet by giving any amount to our trip...out of that only 7 have. Then we have 9 people who "may attend" the event. This one cracks me up. ( people may or may not give any amount to enter a chance to win a rad bracelet and help BEMM get to Africa. Then there's 387 people who haven't responded. My thought is...the whole creating an event is way too complicated and doesn't make since to 98%.

So here it is, on my blog...your official invite to donate ANY amount towards our trip to Africa for a chance to win this Rad Bracelet! My goal is to make this as simple as possible.

Here is the link. Here is your chance to not only win this rad bracelet, but to help BEMM get their butts back to Africa! Thank you in advance!


One Crazy Mom said...

Just donated $5 via paypal (luketaylorpainting....)

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

Hi there, who are you going on the trip with? I'm praying to go with Carolyn twietmeyer and visiting orphans in April. It's my first mission trip. I'm so nervous about going and leaving my babies.