Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is for all Anonymous People...

But specifically this is for know who you are! You may not have been the one to leave a comment...but I am still talking to you!


Thank you. My smile is huge and my heart feels fuzzy...

yet...I also hurt for you...I know that feeling..the yearning..the wanting to do something, but not knowing what..
The thing is..that yearning is a gift..A gift that God has given YOU..It means HE BELIEVES IN YOU!
But..the more you shove it down...the quieter and less intense the yearning just goes away. You just stop believing in yourself or better stop believing HE can use you..
Do not be afraid! Take courage in knowing...HE is CALLING you!
How awesome.
I would love to help you anyway I you mount up, stand up and say, "Pick me Lord..I am ready".
All my love

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