Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have You Met..

Kushum ?

Kushum has a quiet confidence that does not come from what others think of her or how others react to her. She is perfectly content to stand back and watch things unfold rather than be in the middle of the action. Kushum is a strong student in school and is learning English well for her age. Her stunning beauty, quiet nature, and ability to stop people in their tracks with a single glance from the "stink eye" are all defining qualities of Kushumlatha.

Now stop.
Really look.
Look at her..
Re-read the few sentences that describe Kushum.
look at how her head is slightly cocked
at her delicate fingers touching her face.
Take a moment and see her....
Her eyes filled with hope and a little mischief
Her half smile
shows me she may be a little sassy at times.

She is someone's daughter.
She is loved by someone.
You can almost see the dreams she has just by looking at her...
maybe a doctor
a teacher
an architect...

The reality is....without YOUR help...
without the money needed for school....
This little girl...
with her eyes filled with hope..
could end up having to give up
her dreams
her childhood
her body
to eat.
to live.

Only $133 is needed to cover her schooling.

Normally I would write a check myself...
I love stories like hers...
I love making a difference..
however small.
I would give up my coffee to support her...
I would give up my date night...
But today...
my own card was declined just to get gas in my car..
we had to tell our employees, many who are our friends that their paycheck wouldn't be coming this week.
This is a hard month for the Bosters!
Thank God I know how to live cheap:)
My point...
I want to help.
I see Kushum..
Do you?

We can always do something...
I know I can't give right now...
but I can tell you about her
wants to help too!
Kushum is not a momma
but she has one!
So for the rest of today..

of the sales will go to support KUSHUM!

more info on Kushum can be found here...

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Lindsey said...

I AM BLOWN AWAY by your love. Thank you for seeing Kushum! Thank you for advocating for her schooling and more than that...thank you for being the amazing woman you are to see that she makes her first day of kindergarten!