Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Time For Opinion Time...

I can't believe it's already been a week since my last opinion time poll and I blogged 12 times in a week! um...new record for me:) I had 42 votes on my poll about whether I should let people pick out their headbands

The results are in:

Letting people pick their own headband won by 5 votes....But making people pay an extra 2 dollars to pick them out beat the plain ol' yes by a landslide.

If I just went off grab bag vs. show a pic...then grab bag won.

I was proud of the people that voted "yes..but pay an extra 2.00"...You rock!

Because really...whether you pay $8.00 or $10. + 2.00 shipping...the point is....
hopefully..you are doing it for fun and to support a great cause!

With that said...I LOVE WEARING HEADBANDS...and I would love to see what I'm getting..I also love supporting causes...so I am 50/50 too.

I think what I'm going to do is offer both.I will post pics of the headbands I have a lot of.and if you want them..great..choose which one and the cost will be $10.00 + shipping...If you choose grab-bag then you will have a 50/50 chance with one you have seen...or God forbid...A TACKY GRANDMA ONE..duhduhda(Scary star wars music here)

I can tell you my supply is low! I need to find MORE people willing to sew the headbands for me...Please let me know if you are interested...I will send you a pattern and material.


So on to my next poll....

Totally non-headband related....

Again..Your opinion does matter. All votes you leave are completely anonymous.

I love this stuff...

Question is...

Why do you read my blog?

Since my blog seems to change like the wind and lacks a common theme...ie..
It's not just an
adoption blog
a mom blog
a fundraising blog

I really do lack a theme:)

I know some of you are new.. and you are just figuring out what I am about...Why do you come here?
I recently added the followers gadget...I was against it for so long...
But...so many others....You have read since the beginning...I have met many of you and consider you my best of friends...this question is for you too...

Answer to the right...


Anonymous said...

You missed one - your heart. I read because of your heart. I first started reading your blog after you brought the twins home. I found it from one of the ethiopia adoption email groups. I told everyone your story, but kept reading because of your heart. You inspire me, you challenge me, you chastise me. Your "I'm not stupid" post is talking to/about me. The whole fiber of my being yearns to do something - the (very, extremely) small amount I do is not even close to enough, but I don't know what to do, or how to do it. So, it is your passion and your heart that keeps me reading.

Anonymous said...

I read you because . . .

I'm not always going to agree with you. Sometimes I get angry at a decision you've made. Sometimes I'm going to laugh with you. I might cry. I'm going to relate, though, on some level. I'm going to share/relate/understand the frustration of being a mother and the great satisfaction and depth of love of being a mother. I'm going to relate to the message of God's love speaking through you. I'm going to listen harder for His voice in my life.

You are fearless . . . and so full of fear at the same time. It's beautiful to . . . watch? . . . no, because I'm not just watching. I'm drawn in.

I read you because I'm going to feel. Thank you for writing.