Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Really Want to...

live a simple..yet completely intentional life...
I love reading blogs by mommas who do this..
They have a bazillion kids.
Grow their own own food.
Sew their own clothes..
all their toys fit in one small trunk
raise livestock
Cook everything from scratch

still help the widows and orphans..

As I spend a few moments on their blogs day-dreaming how I would LOVE their life...
I mention to my kids how wonderful that would be
often I am told this..
"Are you kidding me you know the amount of work can live out that fantasy after I go to college"


Until then...
It does look quite lovely in my head.
and then again...
so does a lot of things...



Paula said...

I think your kids are right. You have to work HARD for that fantasy life... not simple at all.

Jaime And Drew said...

I do the same thing and I have picked up some of their ideas. I haven't been very successful but it's been fun to try :)

Emily said...

I share your fantasy life! I read the blogs too but in too many areas I am inadequate of that :) Crafts, sewing, gardening. Whats funny is I always pictured you as one of those ladies living the dream :)