Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Group

I joined a new Yahoo group started by my friend Brandi....Anyone is invited to join. Everyone is writing a bio....here's mine:) It's called WARRIOR GIRLS...look it up!

I have read several intros and am deeply moved by the women on here...All of you
have the heart of a warrior. You seek out ways to help, you throw yourselves
into tense situations with the motive to make a difference in the lives of the
vulnerable. I admire you. My very heart beats with yours. You know God created
you for something more. You never quite fit in...even now..most of your family
and friends politely ignore you....or may support your efforts from a
comfortable distance....I can only imagine how you felt to find a group that
"gets" you. It's a relief. You know for the first time you are not alone!. You
are happy to escape the traditional cliques. Believe me I understand...Yet as I
sit here and read...I can't help but to sense in our own righteousness...we are
somehow creating that which we escaped. It is true....most family, soccer moms,
your friends, etc..won't get you. You may feel alone at family gatherings and
sports events...and you need a place you can vent. Just ask yourself one
question? Did you always get it? Were you always interested in sex trafficking?
Would you have been my friend in highschool? Did you ever judge what you didn't
understand? When is the last time you broke bread with the guy on the street.
Before you judge your friends for turning their heads when you talk about issues
that effect humanity...please look inside...how do you view who you are talking
to? What prejudice do you use before you open your mouth?
So..am I a warrior girl?
Do I need to give you my resume? or list what I'm passionate about?
Maybe tell you what countries I am involved in?
I will say this....
A true warrior girl will not bow to a title, or fall to a group....A true
warrior girl will know that...work needs to be done. She will bury her head in
the sand. She will cling to hope until her fingers bleed, she will love and
embrace those who don't get it, she will simply hold on a little longer...The
only thing she knows...is not her power..but the power of CHRIST...She needs no
intro...because she knows she is nothing!


emily said...

Can't find the group, looked it up on yahoo and got some porn! :) Any other tips???

Jaime And Drew said...

lovin this group!

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOVE this. We are kindred spirits.

I want to be in the group, but I am in inept to find it.