Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Opinion Time..

Your opinion matters to me...really it does. I'm going to put a poll up on the side of my blog and I want you to tell me what you think. It's anonymous so don't worry. Every week I want to ask a new question...some weeks the questions may seem pointless and other weeks more thought provoking. Anyway...it will be loads of fun:) I love learning what others think.

This weeks question is me seeking advice more than anything...

Question-Should I post pictures of the headbands that I sell to fund the women/infant clinic and allow people to choose what they want?

Here's the thing. When I posted pictures in the beginning I sold only 1 lonely headband. Then after my sweatshop of love ladies spent days sewing the tackiest headbands ever...I knew the chances of selling any by showing pics was zero! I stayed awake all night thinking of ways to use their efforts to raise awareness for BEMM and move product...thus- Tacky is the new cool was birthed. To date, I sold roughly 50 headbands by promoting tacky is hot and you get what you get...My family has had awesome fun randomly picking out headbands for people. I know about 80% of the people truly don't care what they get and just had fun playing a game and supporting a good cause. But what about the other %20...my heart sinks knowing they may get one and be really disappointed. So as of right now, I just picked up 64 SUPER CUTE ONES! I still have 20 tacky ones. That's $840 for the clinic. Do you think I would sell more if I posted pictures? Or should I charge $8.00 for grab-bag style and I randomly choose one or $10. to pick out your own? Anyway I have 84 left! What's your opinion?

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Beautiful Mess said...

Grab bag is the way to go!

AND I would like to see...

UGh! no wonder it's tough!!!!!