Monday, June 21, 2010

Shower of Love

Not sure how or where to begin this post. It can be short and direct or long and lovely. Either way the end goal is to move those who want to be moved, inspire those who need inspiration and encourage all of you to be a small part in a special woman's life.

Here's the short and direct version- There's a woman who has personally made a huge difference in my life many years ago...she gave selflessly to many. She has been going through an incredibly rough time for the last few years. Her husband died. Her mother died. She has 4 grown children and cares for most of her grandchildren. Her husband was the sole bread winner. I don't think she has that much emotional, spiritual or financial support. I would LOVE to bless her cards of encouragement, gift cards (grocery, target, restaurant etc..), flowers, extra cash...anything. I want to so overwhelm her with love, kindness and prayer that she knows how deeply she is loved.

Now for the long and lovely- I met her in Los Angeles when I was 21. I quit my job as a circus employee and part time music store clerk to be a full time volunteer for Americorp. It was right after the huge '94 earthquake in the valley. I went to help at an elementary school that was hit hard. We started an afterschool program for the children. We offered a safe fun environment for the kids so the parents could piece their life back. A lot of these kids slept with helmets on their head from the fear of another quake. I had 25 kids in the program. One of the families that joined was the woman I'm talking about. Their home was all but destroyed and they all lived w/fear...yet, she seemed to mother everyone. She would pick up her kids and usually came bearing treats for my partner and I. Over the course of a year she quickly became my surrogate momma. When she found out I was getting married, she took me shopping. I had no shoes, no bra, no money..not much of anything. She bought me stuff so I could feel like a bride. She took care of me. Most of our family didn't come to our wedding. She was my momma there. She stayed by my side every moment. Our wedding was a potluck in a field. She brought most of the food. She was the only one to give us a gift that day. She gave us some money...she knew how poor we were, but more importantly she gave us the gift of service. She served us. She loved us! I remember thinking how I wanted to be like her. She was able to stay at home with her kids, she was super involved with their lives AND she helped others. I think she was my first example of how to serve and give with a loving heart....She gave because she wanted to..not because she felt obligated...She gave because that is who she was. We lost touch after a few years and Adam and I continued to struggle financially. Many days we wondered where our next paycheck would come from. Yet, whenever we had a little extra..I thought of her. I couldn't wait to give like she did. I kept waiting to have a ton more $ so I could...then it hit me. I could give smiles. I could give compliments. I could give laughter. I could give pennies. I could always give something! Then as our lives changed and I started having some $ in my pocket, I prayed for ways I could help someone. And this is how I live my life everyday thanks to this woman! I recently found out her husband died. She has no income. Her children are grown. She cares for her grandkids now. Her mom died. The house I remember her having is being rented out (and the renters are months past due) she is in a rental house now. She said she" is learning to embrace loss in her life". Yes..this is a good lesson to learn....however she has been embracing this for over two years now. AND it's time to embrace renewal and encouragement!
We are in a rough spot financially right now, but I desperately want to shower this momma with love and gifts! If you feel lead to send her a card of encouragement, gift cards to target, grocery,, flowers or just commit to praying for her..please email me privately and I will get you her info. She has no idea I am doing this...Please help me.

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