Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Friends.

I notice a lot of bloggers have weekly themes like:
Kari has Wednesday Wow Recipes
Brandi has ifast Wed
I have heard of Flashback Friday and Wordless Wed.
So many great ideas.
I thought I might start something on this blog.
Friday Friends.
Each week I want to share with you all a friend.
It maybe a blog friend, an old friend, a new friend or maybe someone that I may never know, but they have touched my life. Someone who I would love to call my friend.

This week
I want to introduce you to Donna.
I guess I have "known" Donna for almost two years.
I think *she can totally correct me if I am wrong*
she started reading my blog around the time I was bringing the twins home. I think she even opened up her house in Colorado via blog to me when I was driving across country to stay in L.A. for a few months. She offered to put all 9 of us up. I followed her blog for awhile. Amazed at how similar or families were, but how completely different we appeared to be. I didn't hear much from her until my Colorado backpack adventure this summer. Now this is either completely random or God's plan...About 6 months before my backpack trip I meet this lady at the Orphan Summit in Dallas...long story short she invited me on a 40 mile backpack trip in Colorado with 12 other women who were strangers to me. Well, not one to miss an adventure I quickly agreed to go. About a week before I was to leave I get a message on my blog from Donna of all people saying I was staying at her house for the first night. Apparently the random lady I met at the Orphan Summit was great friends with Donna and arranged for all of us ladies to stay at her house for the night. Okay stop right there! Weird, huh? Then if that weren't enough Donna herself wouldn't even be there! only her husband and 6 kids who had to deal with 12 women all but one a stranger! If that doesn't tell you something about how incredible her family is. I was floored, but disappointed I wouldn't get to meet her. We woke up the next morning to the most peaceful house I have ever been in. 6 kids, Yes, it was massively huge and they had a ton of land...but it was simple and serene. All of her children's toys could fit in a small trunk. The rooms were bare, but not cold. The house was devoid of trinkets, gadgets, and electronics. It was clean, sparse and beautiful. Her children were sweet, quiet(not creepy quiet) but a calmness was in the air. It was a complete opposite of my house. Cluttered, loud, and chaotic. We went on a morning hike guided by her children. Leading 12 women. Not an easy task for anyone.
We left her family to go on a 7 day adventure, but her home stuck with me the whole time.
Turns out I got to meet Donna after all. On our way back we dropped off her car she let us borrow. I was so nervous to meet her. A fellow blogger. Mom to 6. Two adopted. Twins as well. Her kids showed me pictures of her the morning I was with them. They told me she was a "princess" and "more beautiful than anyone". She had a lot to live up to... When I met her...she was gorgeous! I think she was just as nervous though, because she talked non-stop to our mutual friend. I wanted to feel an instant connection, but the truth was I didn't. It seemed rushed.I after all had just spent 9 days away from my family, out of my comfort zone, freezing, dirty and tired. I was so excited to meet this women. Yet, I was beyond spent. At the same time I was enamored by her and her lifestyle..okay I was mainly smitten with her son Owen who I instantly bonded with. We have kept in touch some vaguely through facebook. She doesn't blog anymore, only reluctantly if I bug her. There is just something about Donna. I want to hang out with her, I want to get to know her better. The weird thing is I know that we are completely different and we may never share a moment together that everything just "clicks" and feels right. But at the same time....
She is someone I admire and I want to call my friend.
Even in our differences
she is my soul sister.
There is a unique beauty to her.

(not Donna, but a beautiful lady I have the privilege to call friend from the hike holding Donna's daughter)


Donna said...

Steffany, that was so kind. I'm very humbled.

And yes, I was very nervous to meet you - you're a rock star to me. You're my Elvis. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Steffany,
I've heard about you from Donna and I just wanted to comment on your post, which is something I never do!! I just have to say you hit it spot-on. Donna is all that and more. I count myself very blessed that she is my blood relative, because she's kind of stuck with me. ;D I'm so glad you've gotten to know her, too. She does make life here more wonderful.
Blessings to you and your family!
Kim S. (the cousin ;)

Beautiful Mess said...

what a blessing of friendship!

Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You've been bitten by the Donna bug :) 21 years ago, the first week of college, I was smitten by her as well! Way back then, I knew there was just something different about her, but I couldn't understand what it was. She stuck by me, witnessing to me for many years, until one day in 1994 I accepted the Lord as my Savior, and then I knew what it was that made her different. But more than that, she is an original, a unique personality, and you won't meet many, if any, people like her. She is the most Godly woman I know, has been a mentor to me, has taught me so much, and we've had a lot of fun along the way. I will always value her perspective. She will forever be like a sister to me as well as a Sister in Christ.