Saturday, February 27, 2010

Aw Shucks...COMPLETE:)

Recently I was awarded two different blog awards. Both awards came from two beautiful woman who have definitely touched my heart many times through their blogs. Needless to say it was a huge honor to be mentioned by each one of them.

The first award was

I cannot even begin to say enough about Lisa (the beautiful blogger who sent this to me). I remember being really new to blogging and posting something about our skateboard ministry. She left a comment encouraging us in what we were doing. I had no idea anyone was actually reading my blog. I went to her blog daily for months to find out who this person was, but she never posted. Yet, she would still leave encouraging comments on my blog from time to time. I was thrilled when she actually started blogging regularly. Oh my word...This woman has a HUGE heart for the LORD. I love her!!!! If you aren't reading Mountain Top Memories then you are missing some nuggets of wisdom. So sweet Lisa, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Sunshine Award. I really needed a little more sunshine!

The second award was

The sweet friend award
(Someone that brightens your day)

This award was given to me by a new friend. Jen never fails to leave a comment on my blog. This woman is a WARRIOR! She is a rare woman. She is sweet, raw, honest, and STRONG. To me she is encouraging, uplifting, but also not afraid to speak truth to you. Whenever I go to her blog, I am always left feeling challenged. I love her heart! I love her spirit! She is a "BEAUTIFUL MESS"

Now the fun part is I get to pass these on . Technically they are two different awards so that would be 20 people and each person is to then pass it to the same amount of people. (and of course links to them) I am also suppose to list 10 things that make me happy for the Sweet Friend Award. I love this! You can never dwell too much on joyful thoughts. I don't know about you, but I also LOVE learning about new blogs! Yeah, you all know I'm not a big rule follower.'s how it's gonna go. I am clumping it all together. To me the Sunshine Award and the Sweet Friend award go together beautifully. I will pass this on to 10 bloggers who hopefully will share 10 happy thoughts, pass it on to 10 other bloggers and link to them:)

10 happy thoughts:
flying in my dreams
My man
Each of my children
Robust laughter
All things dorky

Now 10 bloggers who bring sunshine and sweetness!
1 BECKY...I LOVE HER. She is totally random. Completely sincere. A huge dork. She never gives herself enough credit, which makes her even more endearing. She is an amazing mother. One day I will actually meet her!
2 AMY...MY SOUL SISTER. She is brilliantly unique. Outspoken. An amazing artist. A real friend. Wise and opinionated!
3 MISSY...EARTH MOMMA. She is truly authentic. She is someone I would love to have a good cup of coffee with or maybe a glass of wine. I could sit for hours and just soak her in.
4 KELSEY...I PRAY MY DAUGHTERS TURN OUT LIKE HER. She is a beautiful young lady. 1 of 9 children. She oozes passion. She offers a beautiful perspective on adoption.
5 JENNY...I WANT TO BE MORE LIKE HER. Even in the midst of a probably incredibly busy life she seems to always remain grounded. A mom to 9. She is a beautiful balance of fun and structure.
6 JEN....EVERYONE NEEDS A FRIEND LIKE HER. She is so easy to relate to. Yet, there is a contagious passion about her. Her love of God, family, and people in need are so prominent.
7. PAULA...POSSIBLY SEPERATED AT BIRTH. Do not ever under estimate her. She is a strong woman. She always rises up to the occasion. An adoptive mom to twins as well..I enjoy reading her heart and honesty about her life.
8. KAMINA...THE ESSENCE OF FAITH. This woman is filled with good ol' faith. She is steadfast. Unwavering. Beautiful and strong. She is the Proverbs woman. I love her.
9 DONNA...MY TEACHER. What can I say about Donna? I have so much to learn from her. Beautifully obstinate. Opinionated, but wise. Gracefully submissive to her FATHER. Always desiring growth. Yet, humble.
10 EMILY....BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. She has a powerful yet quiet spirit. She is unshakable yet totally moldable. Awesome mom. Incredible wife. You will be blessed by her.


Jen said...

You bless me, lady.

amy smith said...

completely compatible :)

Beautiful Mess said...

Okay, honestly it was difficult to read your words about me... but then it turned to joy...

Thank you for seeing the best in me and that is Christ!

You too challenge me! I am grateful for my bloggy friends and looking forward to exploring your links--God bless!


Emily said...

Wow you picked me! I am honored :) Your a hero lady to me, seriously your like "that" lady that I get giddy knows me.......yes I know I am a nerd :)

KelseyChristine said...

Aww wow,this really made my day! you are awesome--thank you :)

Sean and Lisa said...

Girl you are so loved!!
Thank you for being you!
Much love!

Jeremy and Kamina Johnson said...

I am in tears. Oh my. Thank you so much!

Becky said...

A dork, huh? As long as we can be dork's together I am cool with that! How is the little man feeling?

Shannon said...

Hi! I just found your blog from another one (from the award...). I am excited to get to know you more through your blog!!!! I am a mama of three (2 from China) and I love the Lord and just want to pour my life out for these 147 million little ones waiting for families. Look forward to reading more!

Paula said...

Thanks for the honor, Steffany. I'll try to pass it on this week!