Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Need a Name (contest)

So much is happening around here.
So many things in process.
Much to be done.
First off....
I need ideas.

"Because Every Mother Matters"
is getting off their butts...
We are getting ready to connect mommas from here to mommas in Africa.
Projects coming up.
Websites being built.
The only thing is....
I don't like the name.
"Because Every Mother Matters" is quite a mouthful.
I need ideas.
I want to change it.
Something that rolls off the tongue.
That you can see printed on shirts.
you know...
something that

Oh yeah...
And for every idea you come up with you get entered in the drawing to win

A custom painting of your family by an amazing artist and incredible friend Amy.
So ignore the beautiful people in the painting and imagine what your family would look like.
By entering ideas you are helping bring their daughter home from Ethiopia!
Come up with as many ideas as you can think of.
one idea=one entry
that simple


Anonymous said...

how about mothers helping mothers

*Overflowing* said...

lol gene, before I saw your comment my thought was "mama's serving mama's" or Servin' Mama's

Leah Dooley said...

I got it!!!!!!!


Every Mother Matters Alot!

ok, wait. I don't like the Alot part.

Every Mother Matters...SOMETHING

Maybe E.M.M.I....Every Mother Matters International?

I don't know.

Paula said...

I personally like "Because Every Mother Matters". I think it's perfect. Maybe you could just shorten it to Every Mother Matters.

Beautiful Mess said...

I was just coming back to say the same thing Paula just said. I think wearing a shirt that says "because every mother matters" is awesome!

but I will keep checking back to see if any revolutionary ideas come and change my mind ;)

MaryAnn M said...

i like Because Every Mother Matters
...if you absolutely feel you need to drop SOMETHING...perhaps the "because"...but...i believe that God put that phrase in your heart for a reason....don't doubt it.

MaryAnn M said...

oh...and...i want a shirt that says that...

Staci said...

CAMI (connecting all mothers international)

Shonna said...

What about something like Mom 2 Mom or Mothers 2 Mothers?

Anonymous said...

What aboout mom 2 mom or mothers 2 mothers...

Johnson said...

YEAH! Let me know when it is done so I can link to our website. Check out the project details at http://www.futurefororphans.com/2010/02/because-every-mother-matters-birthing.html