Tuesday, February 16, 2010

God is Like a Warm Fire

More words from my son Jace-
He wrote this the other night.

I just got back from watching Avatar in 3D, and I come home. I see that a fire is started in the fireplace. I walk and sit in front of the Fire for about 20 minutes to half an hour. By the Fire I feel warmth, but it is not like "uh, it's so hot! Turn on the AC," but more of just a warmth. And when i walk away from the fire, I feel cold and weird, empty, almost like the Fire was cleansing and that I was missing something if I was not near it. God is almost like the Fire. His presence is so awesome, that if a Fire can hold my attention for 30 minutes, God can keep it for an eternity. Just staring into God. And being AWAY from Him is sickening. If staring into a Fire for a few minutes and walking away from the warmth can make you feel cold and empty, imagine what it will be like for those unfortunate on the day of judgement. God is like a Warm Fire. A large Fire, that grabs you and makes you feel warmth, and being with Him forever in Heaven is more exciting and entertaining than Avatar 3D times Infinity. God is Almighty

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David and Sarah said...

Just beautiful...and so true!!