Sunday, February 7, 2010

Deep Waters

You know those times in your life you feel like you're in way over your head?
You know with each passing moment you just go deeper into the unknown
and you start to feel like you can't do it.
It is normally here at this point..
Fear sets in.
There is panic.
I can't go any further.
I may drown.
I am in way to deep this time.
That is where I am.
And it is in this place of standing on a cliff looking down at 1000 foot drop with rocks all around
when I can hear His voice telling me...
"It's okay.
Let go.
You will fall.
And when you are sucked under water
I will be glorified.
Because it is way to big
and you are in way over your head."

It's about at this time when I realize it's not about me. It is when you are struggling for air you realize how desperately you need HIM.
And no matter what you do- it is all in vain without HIM.
So you jump.
You allow yourself to be swept under the water.
You don't fight.
You ride the CURRENT.
Allowing IT to take over you.
And whether or not if you make it out
He is glorified.
Because there is no way you could do it without HIM.
You jumped in faith knowing how unimportant you are but how mighty HE is.
He is glorified in our failures as much as our success.
when you learn this
believe this
then it is easy
live in deep waters
jump off cliffs

It is always a mix of fear and excitement when you step out of your comfort zone.
I never know how things will turn out. Sure, I know the desires of my heart.
But it is in HIS will that I want to surrender myself.
In HIS will all things are made perfect.
I am in way over my head
and I love it
because HE can be glorified.

2 Corinthians 12:9
And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.


Sean and Lisa said...

AMEN!!! Let go and let GOD!

He has plans far too wonderful for us to even imagine if we will just Trust Him and let Him take the lead.

Praying for abundant blessings and peace as you ride these deep waters!

Much love!

Beautiful Mess said...

Praying for you!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. I am SO right there with you.

Adam said...

I sure do love you.

Adam said...

I sure do love you