Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My body is exhausted yet strong.
My spirit feels full yet weak.
My heart is burdened yet encouraged.
I am home.
Yet I am yearning for comfort.

As I climbed the peaks,
God found me in the valleys.
As I walked through the valleys,
God carried me to the peaks.

He was everywhere
when I was in the middle of nowhere.

I sought His face
as I hid my heart.
He sought my heart
As I hid my face.

My God was before me,
and I followed
My God was after me,
and I looked behind
My God was with me,
every step
and every breath
of the way.


Erin said...

sounds like you had an awesome, hard, and good experience! yay!

Alicia said...

I love this! was that your psalm from the hike??

Laura said...

Welcome Home!

Leah Dooley said...

So is that like a poem they give everyone who makes it to the end of the journey cause you couldn't have written that! I love the part about hiding your face while seeking His heart. That pretty much sums up my life! So glad you went.

Love the red jacket. Where'd that come from?

P.S. Please refrain from leaving over emotional comments on my blog for the next, oh, 7 months or so. Thanks. :)

David and Sarah said...

Beautiful...God is always near!


crispy said...

Can't wait to hear more. Sounds like it was worth the sacrifice to go.

Jen said...

Beautiful Psalm! Spill it! I want more:)

Kelly said...

Did you write that? You amaze me!!

Valerie said...

Beautiful! I'm glad you had a chance to meet with your maker!