Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Words

We landed a little less 36 hours ago and it already seems like a dream or forever ago. TIA (That is Africa). I have been asked to blog or write about the trip and to summarize it all. Um.....I can't....to try to write a post at this point would be a pathetic attempt to package all I learned into a neat little box. Nothing that is valid, important, sustaining, or real will ever fit neatly in a post. Life is messy. Serving is messy. Loving is messy. Our trip to Ethiopia was messy. Nothing went as we planned. NOTHING! We changed our plans constantly. I was stretched. I was uncomfortable. I was humbled. My heart hurts. I feel completely inadequate. I want to tell you that we helped 100's of mommas and our trip was uber successful. Truth is....everything seemed to go wrong. Yet, I know it went exactly as it should have.

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