Friday, March 18, 2011

Real Life...

Since my body seems to wake me up at 3am every morning I decided to spend the first few hours of my day watching footage we shot in Ethiopia. I brought 4 small video cameras with me on the trip. My goal was for each member of the team to have a video camera at all times and record our journey. That lasted for maybe an hour before Eyuel took charge of filming. He was awesome. He took charge of the cameras and was always ready to film. Um...some things were filmed with the cap still on, other tapes were blank until the last 5 minutes, some things I wish he hadn't captured (like announcing it was time for a shinty meta break....potty talk:) The camera was constantly in our faces. It caught the whole window falling off the van, running out of water mid-way through a crazy 8 hour drive, our epic bonfire night. I have an hour of footage of Eyob talking about the countryside, the donkeys, cattle, etc...We also captured picking up the 7-8 month pregnant momma on the side of the road and each of us trying to carry her load, giving away our 1st birthing kit, and Eyob and Amy in the back seat opening her bag to see what was inside. The constant footage of Amy diligently taking pictures.... I have video of Crystal rapping Salt n'Pepper, of her awesomely hysterical sense of humor thanking everyone for sending her to Africa during our crazy 8 hour drive where we thought vultures might be circling our bus. The footage of Crystal jumping out of the bus to hand out pencils/pens in rural areas and yelling, "tesalafu" (line-up) PRICELESS! Seeing Jodie's face as we were walking to Gedese's mom's hut and being stopped to check-upon a pregnant momma. Watching the team serve this momma who is pregnant with her 2nd baby and only 19. Sitting on the same bed she gave birth to her 4 year old. No words. My pathetic attempt to interview Gadese's mom through tears....12 pregnancies, 12 deliveries next to the cows. 8 children made it.
Memories captured. Stories made alive. A lamb being slaughtered in our honor even though everyone else was fasting for 2 months. Dark footage (only sound)around the fire of women bonding of all ages, background....laughter and love have no language. Oh my gosh! and Jodie milking a cow, a calf nursing from my fingers...The amazing women we met through CHglobal. Holding back tears meeting a 12 year old boy who was in charge of his home and siblings after his parents died...The beautiful mommas that BEMM is supporting through Project Hopeful. Me with shaking hand trying to clasp the Funky fish Because Every Mother Matters necklace around my twins momma's neck. The final jump over the fire (11th time) where I landed in the fire, then hearing my voice say,"Um...I think I broke my foot".
Success # 2....Capturing the journey...ALL OF IT! Real life.