Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Gifts Opened

We finally did it. We had the twins open the gifts from their birth parents. I asked them who they were from and Xia said, "Our Ethiopian mommy and daddy!" I had built up this event so much in my mind that when it came time it actually was anti-climatic.

Excited to open the presents

Diezel could hardly stand it...

Xia opened her's first. This is about the time Diezel realized there wasn't a Batman figure inside...His face is priceless

He still had hope and even looked all through his head wrap

This moment almost made me cry. I remembered their dad showing me how to tie it on their mom

I pray I did it right

She loved it! And modeled it with the same expression her Ethiopian momma did.

To try to convince Diezel how cool the gift was Lukas tried it on...

He was still not convinced:(

My favorite moment was Adam gently taking the dress off Xia and telling her how beautiful she is.

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Paula said...

Very sweet. Someday Diezel will treasure these gifts, despite the lack of an action figure to go with them.