Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Pictures

A few days ago I wrote about spending time with my twins parents in Ethiopia.
You can read about it here.
Part of BEMM's agenda in Ethiopia was to identify possible care points for our developing programs. We had planned to stop in Nekemte to get to know the town, the people and asses needs. I chose Nekemte for the obvious....This is where my twins were born and their family lives. I knew and planned on seeing their parents while we were there. Just never expected to see them standing in the street waiting for our arrival. I feel so blessed to be able to have an opportunity to have a relationship with them no matter how difficult it is. I am so thankful to my best friend Amy Smith who was there for me every moment and so lovingly captured the spirit of my time with them while holding back her own tears. I appreciate her knowing when and when not to snap a picture. I pray these photos and this blog will remind our twins how much they are loved and desired.

Walking away from the group after seeing her standing in the middle of the road. We spent the next hour alone in the very room our twins spent the first 18 months of their lives.

Alebachew, Eyob and Amy arrived later to be there and take pictures. I am sharing with them the newest photos of our twins and talking in detail of their everyday life.

Being given a gift that cost them more than the food they purchase in a month. A traditional dress. They were concerned that they only bought the twins and I gifts.....

Being physically dressed by both of them. (Thanks Amy for only capturing the last few moments and not the awkwardness before:)

Fekede showing me how to dress our son.
Oh how much I can see Diezel

Lovingly dressing his wife...the mother of our twins. It was so hard not to lose it. Once again so thankful for Amy

Almaz modeling our daughters clothes that they bought for them

Our twins two mommas. Bonding, laughing, but both wanting to cry.

Being lead through the town arm in arm with the two people I respect the most.

The next night at dinner after a rough day in Gimbie....

The twins were their only children. To listen to her talk about maybe one day...then stop. I looked down at my beating heart and saw the message around my neck.
"Because Every Mother Matters"...
I knew the necklace was made for her. I was shaking so badly trying to clasp the BEMM necklace around her.

Before they left I was given a typed proposal to BEMM of ways their town needed support.
They did this on their own. I hadn't told them why I was coming. On the bottom of the proposal read "From Fekede and Almaz"
The same thing that was handwritten in smudged ink on the gifts to our twins.
I have been given so much....

One day I can't wait to write back...
To: Fekede and Almaz...

*Once deepest thanks to Amy. I know it was hard my sweet friend and you and I may forever be the only ones who can read between the pictures. I will forever be thankful for your presence and your understanding. *


No...I still haven't opened the gifts with the twins.


djoprods said...

awesome story..I love it...

amy smith said...

tears in my eyes reading this..
so much pain mingled with the joy.
love you much.
we live in a broken world...
but a beautiful one indeed.

amy smith said...

tears in my eyes reading this...
so much pain mingled with the joy.
i love you much.
we live in a broken world,
but a beautiful one indeed.

Paula said...

So beautiful Steffany. You are so lucky to be able to know them.