Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meet the team

Our team leaves tomorrow. We are packed 50 pounds to a bag x 2 for each of us. Suitcases filled with pens donated by the awesome kids at Moberly Middle school (almost 2000 to be exact), birthing kits with life saving basics, handmade newborn caps, blankets, a laptop to be kept there, clothes for friends and strangers, donated Ipods, money to purchase water, extra resources to meet unexpected needs and 4 very different women ready to get completely stripped of all expectations.
Meet Jodie (the medic, nurse, professional) she is going to figure out her next step in it to become a midwife in Africa? She is joining us to selflessly give her knowledge, talents, time and to be available at a moments notice to help the people we meet. She has already been an invaluable resource to this team. Always ready and willing to help in anyway. I constantly pinch myself to make sure she is real.
Meet Amy (the photographer, woman behind our logo, VP of BEMM, my counselor, my BF, my heavy and voice of reason who is the most stubborn person I know...A busy mom of 6 who is serving alongside me to help develop relationships.
Meet Crystal-(the last...within a week ago to join our bandit group) She is the spirit of our trip. We are all marching into the uncertain...yeah, there are guidelines or signs along the way like, "take detour" or "hey, guess may have only 6-12 months to live"...Crystal is the strongest, and most bad a$$ person I know. I am humbled to have her join us. The perspective she brings will carry us through the rest of our lives.
Meet YOU- (the heart of BEMM) You are everything to me. Your support and encouragement bring a smile to my face. Without the Tacky 4 Africa headbands, Funkyfish Jewelry and your donations...None of this would have happened! When I think...I'm tired or what if I quietly slip away..I see you all. I reread your messages and ponder on the scripture or insight you share and I rally once more...

Then there is myself and the most incredible Ethiopian staff and friends....Yes, I am surrounded by amazing people...

See you all in a few weeks.

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