Friday, February 18, 2011

I wish you knew...

I can't begin to count the people who contact me wanting to "help" or "give", but then follow that statement with something like,"It's not much" or " I want to do something, but have nothing"..

I want to wrap my arms around them, give them a huge hug, open my hands and accept what they have to give. Because I know....I'm not just saying this...but I really believe the amount doesn't matter. What you give or how much you give is NOT the gift. I founded an organization based on the belief that EVERYONE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Making a difference in someone's life is not measured by the amount of money you is measured by the heart behind the offering.
Don't get me wrong....I do the happy dance when a huge donation comes through...but I do a bigger dance when someone feels moved to act when they never have before. So, PLEASE do NOT apologize for what you can or can not give! Instead give from your heart no matter the amount and know this momma is doing the happy dance simply because you felt lead to give.

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