Thursday, February 10, 2011


I so wish I blogged everyday. One day, I want to look back and remember these days and see how much I have grown as a mom, wife, daughter of a KING, friend and person. I hope it will remind me to never choose the easy path, but to continue to do what is right. I have started so many blog posts over these past few years. Some stupid and random...others too deep to finish. I think I will write a book of the greatest posts never finished. I can do it Mad Libs style and have you all finish it:)

I just started another post about "Being A Stone Thrower" ....We all are. We all cast stones at eachother. You are a liar if you claim you don't or haven't. Yeah, it's one of those, "too deep to finish" posts. The thing is...I may never finish the whole thing, but I do have a few nuggets.

Maybe that is what I should do...since I seem to lack the capacity to finish a post...I will just write a few sentences..nuggets!

Here are a few nuggets:

Had a friend ask me if I felt I was a trafficking victim.

My response:
"A victim of trafficking? Great question. I guess...I don't consider myself a victim. An object? yes. I never once thought I was a victim of trafficking. I was a victim of a sad childhood who never felt worthy, made bad choices and after I tried to make right, I met the of scorn of Christians who should have been there to dust me off...instead they continued to throw stones...the same ones that I had been throwing at myself all along."

Her sweet response was anger.
"Can I just be angry at them? Grrrrrrr...I want to step in front of those stone throwers and pharisees, I wish I was there to help"
She then told me having someone mad at the stuff done to her was helping her healing... (insert big hug for her here)

The thing is....we have ALL thrown stones.

My response: thing is sweet friend..I don't need people to be pissed for the injustices...because I really am healed.

She then talked about having forgiveness for the woman who was being judged (insert me or you) if you have had stones cast at you....

My response: The next step is to forgive the stone throwers themselves. To forgive them is to to forgive yourself and only then can you fully grasp what God's grace means.

We all deserve to be stoned. We all hide our guilt by throwing stones at others. True grace and mercy is casting those stones out to the sea and believing it will be washed clean

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Paula said...

I think that was a pretty good post for one that isn't "finished". :)